Wednesday Wamblings

Happy global running day!!! I'm not supposed to be running with my Achilles tendinitis but through diligent stretching and icing, they've been feeling much better and I got in 2.5 miles with my workout. Since all went well today I plan on testing out the trails tomorrow on a short run. I hope I subdued the wild injury beast! Also, Welcome June!! 

Sometimes I talk about getting a dog someday. But then I think about training it and taking care of it and cleaning up its hair... And the idea doesn't seem so awesome anymore. It is literally like having another kid. Besides, who needs a puppy when we have Brynlie to chew on and eat random household products. An entire e.o.s. Chapstick, gone. 
Let me be more specific: it was gone in seconds! I guess they're pretty tasty.  

Today I went and tried out a different gym. It's a long story... But I bought a Groupon pass just to test the waters. The problem is, I ended up LOVING it. My heart rate hasn't been that high in a long time. 
My face was BEET red when I was done. I'm looking forward to more classes. It's nice to do something different. 

After the gym we loaded in the car and headed on a hike!! I've made a summer goal to hike as much as possible. My goal is once a week. I spent the afternoon looking up hikes close by that are family friendly since I will almost always have the girls (or just some hikes I've been wanting to do) so we are ready to go! 
I also starred some trails that said they were good for trail running. Today we started with something small and did the Wild Rose Trail in North Salt Lake. We had a great time! 
We went with my friend Joylyn and her boys. 
Brynlie had the best way to the top, and helped me burn more calories. I did let her out for a bit and she took off running down the trail like an escaped prison inmate. She did awesome for a while, then had to stop and pick up and throw every rock, watch every bug, and play in every grain of sand. She went back in the pack for the way down. I wanted to get home before I retire. 
The view from the top is pretty fun! The last time I was up here there were rose pedals all over; I'm pretty sure someone got engaged!! 
We headed home and Brynlie crashed for her nap and I mowed the lawn. When B woke up the girls had fun cruising in the backyard 

While I grilled up some chicken for dinner. Hiking, sun, playing outside, and BBQ; HELLO SUMMER!!! 
And to top off a perfect day (and satisfy an intense PMS craving) Cory and I made an ice cream run after the girls were asleep. I'll miss that about living with my parents after we move, if we're all still alive by then. 
We also spent a good hour and a half watching old episodes of Full House. Why don't they make shows that good anymore? The episode where Uncle Jesse is moving out made me cry! Damn that touching background music!! 

Tomorrow we get to do another summer favorite; swimming!! I'm pumped! 

See you soon! 

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