We Have Much To Discuss

This post is going to be all over the place. No complaining; you've been warned. 

First up, I started this morning with a TRAIL RUN!!!! WAHOO!!!! 
I ran my favorite trail again today. My goal for the summer is to see how fast I can do it by the end. The way up is kind of brutal for the first 2 miles. It doesn't mess around and gets pretty steep right away. It's very humbling. 
But it was fun! And I love the view from the top. 
I was pumped to trail run because I got new trail running shoes that I have been dying to try out. You've heard me rave on and on about loving my Hoka One One Clifton 2's. Hoka also makes trail shoes and I got me a pair. Meet the Mafate Speed. 
I'll admit I was a littler nervous to try Hoka trail shoes. They're pretty tall/bulky shoes and if you're not used to them, I can see some ankle rolling going on. But I've heard so many people say they love their trail Hoka's so I bit the bullet. 

I have to say, I loved them!! The cushion was pure bliss on my poor feet. I could hardly feel the rocks below my feet and the grip/traction on them was INSANE. You guys, insane! While running I was still nervous about ankle stability and took it slower than normal. Part of that is because of rolling my ankle on the way down last time. I also think that's a legit concern in any shoe if you're on technical terrain, which parts of this trail can get a little rough. They're on the heavier end of the trail shoe family, but I hardly noticed because I was too busy appreciating all the cushion and support. These are the most expensive of the Hoka line but I got mine on 6pm.com for MUCH cheaper. 

Also, if you've never heard of 6pm.com you need to go check it out as soon as you're done reading this blog post. It'll change the way you shop forever. You can get last seasons colors/styles of name brand apparel that isn't defective for so, so cheap. 

I also had my doctors appointment today. I had so much anxiety about it but she asked me so many questions I felt much better that I was actually being heard, which was awesome. We discussed many possibilities and she kept coming back to it sounding like I have PCOS but won't know anything for sure until we get my blood work done. The crappy thing is she's booked out for a whole month, so I can't meet with her about my results until the middle of July. I have a whole other month to wait. I've read up on PCOS and all of my symptoms match up. So we shall see. 

Now let's discuss this man...
Who won't let me get a good picture of us two. 
Oh, but first, I discovered this weekend that men's t-shirts fit far better than womens. They're longer, the shoulder width is perfect... I'm obsessed. 

Ok, back to Cory. I didn't post anything on social media about him for Fathers Day yesterday because I just told him personally how I feel about him. But I just want to give a shout out on here that he truly is amazing. I don't know where I would be without him, mexi-stache and all. 

Can you believe this little beauty is going to be 5 soon?! 5!!!! 
Did your face do this? Cause mine does ever time I think about it. 
She has brought so much joy and light into our lives. She's so excited for her parties this weekend. I'm excited to get them over with so we can talk about something else haha. But it's going to be so fun! 
And lastly, I got my hair done tonight. I love, love, LOVE it!!! We went with an ombré this time so that it can grow out and not have to be kept up so much. 
It looks way more natural now and I am just so happy with it! 

I'm doing a double whammy at the gym tomorrow so I had better go to bed and get my rest. 

See you soon! 

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