Talking Pictures

Our car was clean for a whole 24 hours. Thank you, sprinklers. 
Fun picnic outside a couple days ago before it got so hot. 
I'm kind of into hats lately; it means I don't have to do my hair. Genius. 
One of my favorite Simpson's quotes. 
My sweet little water baby. 
Soaking up some rays. 
This is my kind of house pet. 
New sunglasses that make me look like a fly. 
When your sister yells, "There's gum under the table!" super loud in a restaurant, you'd better make sure it's legit. 
Someone played too hard today. 
I guess we all did except Kennedy. 

Items of interest:

1) plumbing is basically done in the house now. Yay!! After pulling out a little bit more old dry wall in the bathroom (being done Monday) it's time for new drywall! I've been painting doors so they're ready to go when we get there. Now we get to put things back together, which means pictures. Stay tuned. 

2) running is going terribly. My motivation is gone and my feet are giving me serious grief. I ran 7.3 miles today and it almost killed me. I'm really upset about it at the moment and feeling really worried about my summer plans. I'm not sure what to do. 

3) I made it 45 minutes of Brynlie crying and whining without yelling at her. I'm super proud of myself. 

See you soon! 

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