Short and Sweet

She's home!!!! 
She kept looking at me and smiling and hugging me when she got home last night. It was the best!!! I didn't miss her as much this time because I got to talk to her a lot on the phone, but it's so nice to have my sunshine home. All is right in the world again. The three musketeers, or something like that. Say hello to my man glasses. I don't recommend buying sunglasses online. 
From last nights dinner. Priorities. I'm slightly obsessed with mashed potatoes. Especially on fast Sunday. 
I worked extra hard at the gym today to burn those suckers off. But for some reason I had a lot of energy ;) 

This little cheeser ran into the window last night while jumping on our bed. I'm waiting for the black eye to form. It looked pretty nasty last night. 
I think Brynlie missed Kennedy a lot, too. She copied literally everything she did today, like singing at the top their lungs in Costco. 
After the gym and grocery shopping I hopped on the treadmill. My Achilles' tendons didn't hurt after Saturday so I figured if the uphill in trail running didn't hurt them, then I'm probably OK to pick back up on my training again. 

.5 mile warm up 
12 x 400m sprints
12 x 400m recovery 
.5 mile cool down. 
7 miles total. 

I made to sure to foam roll extra well and so did my little shadow. 
Man she's cute. 

I'm keeping it short today so I can watch the Bachelorette but I wanted to end with this quote. It helps me remember that the work we put in may not always be fun, but the end result is always 100% worth it. 
See you soon! 

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