I've Thought Today Was Wednesday ALL Day... It's Tuesday...

In case you need a reminder like I do, today is Tuesday, not Wednesday. 

My SIL left us lots of yummy fruit that she brought for the BBQ for Kennedy on Sunday. I was excited to eat it, but our rodent Brynlie got at the strawberries first
A nibble out of each one. That stinker butt! 

Speaking of fruit, Costco has their peaches in stock. Hello, summer!!
And one last food pic because I have a problem and it's all I photographed yesterday.. BBQ chicken nachos. It wasn't until we were full that we realized we forgot the bacon. It was a loss we struggled to cope with. 
I also got in 5 easy miles on the treadmill yesterday but forgot a picture. I was a sweaty mess, but no foot pain, so I'm hoping that means promising things. 

This was just what I needed to read today. Holland is the man!

This morning I hit the gym and then we spent the whole morning shopping for a tub for the main bathroom in our house. It's the only bathroom with a bathtub, and our huge tub from our old house is the thing I miss THE MOST, so a soaker tub has been my only rock solid "must have" for our new house. We needed hard-to-find dimensions, so we had to go to speciality bathroom stores
Which the kids hated ;)
But we finally found one for a few hundred dollars less than most places at Fergusons in Salt Lake. Yay for saving money! It's not jetted, because we never used the jets on the one at our other house, it's just deep and long and I can't wait to have baths in it someday! We should get it in about 3 weeks. 
The girls were slightly obsessed with this tiny kid toilet we saw at one of the stores. 
I admit it was pretty darn cute! 

I also saw this tile on display in a showroom and almost swooned. I want it so bad!! 
After tub shopping we came home and I got down to business doing a tempo run. I had 8 on my schedule but didn't want to push it too hard too soon, so I kept it shorter than that. It was meh. 
Running has gotten hard. Not only did I have injuries but I am now up 14lbs in 5 weeks with no way to stop it until I can see the doctor again (which is weeks away) and I'm feeling the extra weight on my joints and stamina. Yes, I've been freaking out about everything going on with my body. Who wouldn't?! I could understand if I sat around, didn't work out and ate garbage all day, but I don't! I work hard and I eat right, so it is 100% infuriating and deeply depressing to have my body rebel against me. I've started taking a B vitamin supplement for some extra energy. It's helped keep me from crashing so hard every afternoon I fall asleep, but I'm still tired all. The. Time. If anyone has ANY recommendations I would love to hear them! I don't know what to do anymore. *insert bawling face*

Moving on, it's 100 degrees today and we wanted to get out of the house. So we parked in the shade at a church parking lot,
I climbed in the back with the girls 
And we watched Zootopia while the girls had ice cream. 
It wasn't the most fun thing we've ever done, but we had a good time and we at least kind of got outside without roasting to death. 

Tomorrow our plans for cooling off involve Lagoon a Beach and I'm pretty excited about that. It's way too hot! 

See you soon! 

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Have you been tested for Epstein Barr virus?