Drop 13 Race Recap and A HUGE Thank You

Oh hey there! Sorry for disappearing for a few days. I'm fighting to stay awake right now so let's get down to business so I can go to bed :) 

This morning I ran the Drop 13 Half Marathon. I had zero nerves or expectations. I wasn't really sure what my body was capable of since I've only ran three times in the last 3 weeks due to injury. My plan was to run based on feel. 

I was up at 3 a.m. (hence the urgency to get to bed) and on the bus at 4:15. 
It was a pretty standard pre-race wait. A port-a-potty visit, ate my food, talked to friends
Got all my music and GPS crap set up and ready to go... The usual. Before we knew it, it was race time!! 

I only have one special moment of mention during the race; all the other times I just ran and jammed to my music. That special moment actually involves you. Yep, YOU! I've had a few people tell me how inspiring they find my blog lately and it has deeply touched me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading this silly little thing and for finding something to get out of it. Anyway, at one point during the race I started to doubt myself and the recent conversations I've had instantly flooded my mind. I thought about the wonderful people who read this thing and how badly I wanted to report that I didn't let myself down and that I gave it my all, whatever that may have been. I was inspired by YOU. So thank you for being there because your support on my blog kept me going, and that means so much to me. It really helped, too, because I finished strong and walked away with a new half PR of 1:50:33, although my Garmin said 1:50:11. A lot of people's times didn't even show up on the registery so I'm thinking timing chips were off. Either way, 1:50 felt amazing! 
I got two medals for this race; a finisher medal and a PR medal, both which Brynlie wears better than I, even with her morning hair and saggy diaper. 
I felt fantastic overall. It was a little rough there in the beginning but then I found my groove and motivation and was able to leave feeling pretty proud. 

This was a fairly small race, which was nice for the fact that I didn't have to weave in and out of people for the first few miles. The course was super awesome! The organization of the race gets a C from me though. It wasn't awful but it wasn't great, either. However, I would definitely run this one again. 

I plan on catching up on the last couple days, but I need a good nights rest first. I'll be back tomorrow hopefully able to look at the screen without the letters getting blurry. Oh wonderful bed, I'm coming!! 

See you soon! 

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