A Saturday Full of Stuff

The AC is now on in the house and some aren't handling it well. I won't say who. 
Well that super sucked. And now my arms are super sore. 
New insoles for the win! And Brynlie behaved herself so all the mannequins kept their limbs on this trip. 
Lagoon with just our Boo. 
Hey, quit playing with your dingy!
That dingy is ok, I guess. 
She wasn't sure about the teacups. 
Like, really unsure. 
Getting my hair done like this in a couple weeks. I'm so excited! 
I couldn't take it anymore and went for a run this morning. I need to pay attention to where my fingers are in pics so it doesn't look like I'm flipping everyone off. 
First trail run of the season and it was AMAZEBALLS!! It's also #nationaltrailsday. A happy coincidence. 7 total miles. 
Who wouldn't love this view and listening to nothing but the birds sing?
Although it kind of ate me alive at first. I wasn't ready for that elevation gain with not having ran more than once in 2 weeks. 
I also rolled my ankle and almost ate it on the way down which scared the crap out of me. 

Missing this sweetheart who's milking all she can out of my parents on a trip to Wyoming. 
She comes home tomorrow. 

Hill Airforce Museum with the family and cousins. 
Proof you're never too old to find love. This is Cory's grandpa and he got married today. He's in his 80's. 
A song I wrote for my friend who is petrified of deer. 
See you soon! 

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