A Change, Hiking, and Random Things From Me

It's probably a good thing I never got around to posting about my gym because as of today I am now going somewhere else. It's kind of a long story, and it wasn't easy for me to make that decision. I adore my friends I've made, I love the daycare and knowing my kids are taken care of, the workouts were fun, but I needed a change. My body needed a change. I flew as high as I could there, so physically it was time to move on to something different that my body wasn't so used to. I am loving the new place so far and will keep you updated on any changes.

The playroom at the new gym has windows so the kids can watch us workout. Tonight Kennedy was showing me her best V-ups just like Mommy was doing. Now we both can have sore cores tomorrow.

Last night the girls were playing upstairs and I would hear Brynlie randomly yell, "Cheese!" and she and Kennedy would laugh. I was curious what they were doing but not enough to actually make the journey upstairs to find out what. I get pretty lazy after 5 p.m.. It wasn't until they came downstairs with my phone that I realized Kennedy was practicing her photography skills with B, the aspiring model.

Those two crack me up. The older they get the more they fight, but the more imaginative their play gets, and it's so fun to watch.

Today was week 2 of my take-my-family-hiking-as-much-as-I-can-goal. Our excursion was Donut Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon and we were excited!!!
 We got there before all of our friends that we invited so we had time to play on the rocks and shriek at people for no reason whatsoever.

Once again the girls were fantastic! My favorite part was watching them chase down the overly-friendly and hungry ground squirrels and try to feed them. I'm a sucker for a cute rodent and I guess my offspring inherited that trait.

We made it close enough to see the waterfall, but the river was too full to take a bunch of little kids through it to get underneath it. So we looked at it and headed back to find a spot for lunch.

So far I am loving this idea of mine. My kids are mountain goats, apparently, so it's nice to get them out where they can roam free and burn off some crazy.

If you haven't tried this jerky from Costco drop what you're doing and go now and get it (unless they're closed, then go tomorrow). I am ADDICTED!! I even have a special pack just for the car.
I have had my eye on this facial cleansing tool for quite some time now because it's supposed to be incredible, but I could never justify spending that much money. The price makes me sick.

But my acne has been pretty bad lately for no explainable reason and I'm getting a little desperate for some help clearing it up. I'm a little too old to have Jr. High skin. I mean, just a little. I researched if there was a dupe and *heavenly music*, THERE WAS!!

This one had great reviews and the price was obviously amazing, so I purchased it and tried it out for the first time today. I need a few more uses to let you know how it is, but my skin looked super nice afterward. And bonus, all the vibrating on my nose loosened all my boogers, making my nose nice a cleared out for bedtime! *wink*

Bedtime and nap time have been a huge challenge at our house the last few days. B has discovered if she's really quiet, she can get out and play for hours with whatever she wants and doesn't have to sleep! I didn't know this was going on during nap time of course, (Kennedy usually comes out and tattles on her at night) until yesterday when I opened the door to her dark room to check on her and saw two beady little eyes glowing back at me from in front of the toy shelves. I swore, and my heart tried to jump out from my eyeballs. Today's nap was no exception. I went in repeatedly and reprimanded her for getting out of bed until I decided I didn't care anymore and just went and did my own thing. It eventually got quiet in there.

At 3:00 when I usually go wake her up, I went in to lay down with her for a bit knowing she would be extra cranky. She usually wakes up with fangs exposed, ready to suck the life out of anyone she sees. Cuddling sometimes helps. I climbed in her bed as my eyes were still trying to adjust to the darkness, but she wasn't there. Then I found her...
And I was right, she was extra cranky. We cuddled in my bed for about 40 minutes before she decided helping Kennedy build a tower out of my dumbbells sounded fun enough to get up.

Speaking of fun, I can tell you it's not as fun as you might think to run into a door frame with all the force you can muster. The poor thing misjudged the left turn into her bedroom and the right side of her face didn't quite make it.
She's had a rough couple days around here. Good thing she heals quickly. I'm hoping tomorrow is an injury-free day. Fingers crossed!!

See you soon!

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