Fun In The Overcast-ness

We had quite a fun family day yesterday! The girls and I really needed that time with Cory. First up, Lagoon-a-Beach. (Humor me with all the pics, there's a ton in this post)
Since Daddy got to come this time we were able to rent tubes and hang out in the lazy river. Brynlie and I laid back and relaxed, Kennedy and Cory were about as wild as they could be and annoyed the crap out of us ;). The smile across K's face the whole time she was floating around with her Daddy made my heart swell, though. She was in heaven. 
After a few laps around the river we took a lunch break 
Her face when she says "cheese" is always an unexpected surprise when I go through my pics. I love it!! Also, she looks really tall, no?
While we were eating it dawned on us that Cory has the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is water resistant. So we headed to the pool to test it out and get some more pictures! Kennedy didn't want to participate. 
It takes pretty great underwater pictures! It was fun! I would have opened my eyes if I wasn't super grossed out by that. 
We tried to get B to do some cute stuff but she just floated there and froze. The water is pretty dang cold. Especially when it's overcast. 
But a cold toddler means I get awesome snuggles!!
The kids wore out after a while and we decided to leave and go to Costco and buy a couple cool things everyone else had at Lagoon that we were coveting, like these super awesome float tubes:
(Two pack, $19.99) the center is a mesh net so the girls can ride on it by themselves and not slip through the middle. They're going to be so fun at Bear Lake and such this summer. And apparently Lagoon lets you take them on the lazy river. Rad! 

We also searched high and low for one of these bad boys. 

The employee told us all costco's in the valley have sold out of them, so we ordered ours online. I am beyond excited!!! It'll make taking the kids places on my own so much easier! 

The thing I don't like about Costco, besides being suckered into buying stuff and the rude people is that you HAVE to get it while it's there because it could be gone tomorrow. So that's why we high tailed it there. Anyway, moving on... 

After Costco we went home and took showers and got dressed so we could go see more Parade of Home's houses. 
Then we went to dinner at Johnny Rockets in Farmington. I have to report that both girls ate more than half their hamburgers. That's never happened! And Brynlie is now dipping her fries into a startling amount of ketchup and actually eating the French fry! She no longer just sucks off the ketchup and dips it back in. It was amazing. 

Literally seconds after we got in the car a crazy big wind storm kicked up. It was so dusty you could hardly see a thing!
I kind of love crazy stuff like that once in a while. 

We had a great time. Maybe even too much of a great time, because I missed Cory like CRAZY today while he was at work. And B kept asking where Daddy was all morning. 

This morning was spent at Wheeler Farm with our friends! 
Oh big, fat pig, I can relate so much to your life right now haha 
The Ducks were their favorite thing. Go figure. I think the fear of being pecked by one outweighs their cuteness for me...
We rode the wagon
And just had a really great day. I have to take a second and thank this amazing lady for being such a great friend to me lately and always. I try so hard to not complain about my body giving me crap at home because I don't want my girls to hear me, so she's gotten the brunt of it and has been so supportive! I love her like a sister. Also, I text her about literally EVERYTHING. We're cool like that. 

Ok, a few more pics to get through. 

After Wheeler Farm we came home and I got in 6 easy miles on the tready. 5@10:00 min mile and 1@ 9:00 because I have a really hard time with easy runs being so slow... I need to get over that because slow, easy runs are crucial. It's pretty humid today and cloudy again so the house was pretty hot and I was super wet and slippery basically everywhere afterward. 
So far things are feeling ok but I haven't tested out a run on the road yet. I also haven't done a long run in a while, so I'm not really sure what I should tackle Saturday morning. I guess we will see! 

And lastly I'll leave you with the most beautiful picture ever. See you soon! 


I've Thought Today Was Wednesday ALL Day... It's Tuesday...

In case you need a reminder like I do, today is Tuesday, not Wednesday. 

My SIL left us lots of yummy fruit that she brought for the BBQ for Kennedy on Sunday. I was excited to eat it, but our rodent Brynlie got at the strawberries first
A nibble out of each one. That stinker butt! 

Speaking of fruit, Costco has their peaches in stock. Hello, summer!!
And one last food pic because I have a problem and it's all I photographed yesterday.. BBQ chicken nachos. It wasn't until we were full that we realized we forgot the bacon. It was a loss we struggled to cope with. 
I also got in 5 easy miles on the treadmill yesterday but forgot a picture. I was a sweaty mess, but no foot pain, so I'm hoping that means promising things. 

This was just what I needed to read today. Holland is the man!

This morning I hit the gym and then we spent the whole morning shopping for a tub for the main bathroom in our house. It's the only bathroom with a bathtub, and our huge tub from our old house is the thing I miss THE MOST, so a soaker tub has been my only rock solid "must have" for our new house. We needed hard-to-find dimensions, so we had to go to speciality bathroom stores
Which the kids hated ;)
But we finally found one for a few hundred dollars less than most places at Fergusons in Salt Lake. Yay for saving money! It's not jetted, because we never used the jets on the one at our other house, it's just deep and long and I can't wait to have baths in it someday! We should get it in about 3 weeks. 
The girls were slightly obsessed with this tiny kid toilet we saw at one of the stores. 
I admit it was pretty darn cute! 

I also saw this tile on display in a showroom and almost swooned. I want it so bad!! 
After tub shopping we came home and I got down to business doing a tempo run. I had 8 on my schedule but didn't want to push it too hard too soon, so I kept it shorter than that. It was meh. 
Running has gotten hard. Not only did I have injuries but I am now up 14lbs in 5 weeks with no way to stop it until I can see the doctor again (which is weeks away) and I'm feeling the extra weight on my joints and stamina. Yes, I've been freaking out about everything going on with my body. Who wouldn't?! I could understand if I sat around, didn't work out and ate garbage all day, but I don't! I work hard and I eat right, so it is 100% infuriating and deeply depressing to have my body rebel against me. I've started taking a B vitamin supplement for some extra energy. It's helped keep me from crashing so hard every afternoon I fall asleep, but I'm still tired all. The. Time. If anyone has ANY recommendations I would love to hear them! I don't know what to do anymore. *insert bawling face*

Moving on, it's 100 degrees today and we wanted to get out of the house. So we parked in the shade at a church parking lot,
I climbed in the back with the girls 
And we watched Zootopia while the girls had ice cream. 
It wasn't the most fun thing we've ever done, but we had a good time and we at least kind of got outside without roasting to death. 

Tomorrow our plans for cooling off involve Lagoon a Beach and I'm pretty excited about that. It's way too hot! 

See you soon! 


Wild Weekend

Phew, I'm beat!! We've had so much fun this weekend! 

Kennedys first friend party was an absolute blast! She wanted an Octonauts party so I did my best to deliver on that. 
Cute and easy food is my speciality. Okay, maybe just easy. 
Coloring sea creature masks 
Showing off their hard work 
Pin the patch on Kwaazi 
Eating lunch 
Singing happy birthday 
Blowing out the candles 
Jeep rides! 

I am 100% positive these kids had angels watching over them because with little first-time drivers who were sugar-stoned, it was kind of chaotic. But they had so much fun and no one got hurt!
After the party we went to see Finding Dory. 
It was really cute and B stayed put for the whole movie which is a huge deal. She loves Nemo though. 

Today is our 8 year anniversary. It's crazy that it's been that long and yet I feel like I've known him forever. 
I went through a lot of abuse, heartache, and trial and error before I finally found him, and he was worth every second getting there. I used to think that love was putting up with guys treating you poorly -- that no one was perfect so I should just endure the bad and wait for the good moments. Then Cory came along and showed me what true love really is. He has never made me feel bad about myself, intentionally said anything that would hurt me, or has ever gone one day without telling me he loves me and making me feel like his whole world. I love him more than I can ever say. He truly is my guardian angel and such a great man. 

Ok, mush over, moving on...

Matching feet at church. Awe...
After church we went to Northridge High to catch the Thunderbirds portion of the air show while avoiding traffic, crowds, and the security that took hours to get through. 
I am slightly weird when it comes to F-16 jets. The loud roar as they speed by, their precision on the air and how they glide and maneuver... Ugh!!! It gets me giddy! We would have seen more on the base but I felt like we still got a pretty good show. 

Brynlie was just as crazy about them as I was. And she was freakishly good at spotting them in the sky. 

Afterward we had an amazing BBQ with our families and celebrated Kennedy some more. She got pretty spoiled!
Brynlie was pretty glued to the minion fart gun. Yes, you read that correctly. 
Opening the big present
A Harry Potter broom!
B wanted to ride 
Our little Harry Potter lover got quite a few things for her birthday which she is pretty jazzed about. And she looks so cute!!!
We had so much fun! We love our little Kennedy so much and can't wait to see what she does each day. Happy 5th birthday, baby girl!! 

See you soon!