Whoa, Exhausting Day

12 miles done this morning!
I got to run with my friend Lisa. 
She's pretty darn incredible. She's a very inspirational person and she doesn't even try to be, she's just naturally that way. I look up to her in so many ways. I'm grateful for a friend like her. 

Our first Lagoon day of the season! 

Lots of fun was had until it started to rain. 
Brynlies face cracks me up. 

Today's activities not pictured: 

•Picked up our flooring from RCWilley. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to start laying it (not anytime soon) but hauling 39, 41lb boxes into the car + loading them out of the car into the house after running 12 miles and walking all over Lagoon + being very hungry = a completely exhausted Megan. 

Made insanely good loaded nachos with enough onions to make us breathe fire. 

Oh, and this happened:
I'm wiped and plan on dying on the couch tonight. 


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