Wednesday Ramblings

Yep, still running. Two and a half weeks left till Ogden. 17 days. 
I also found my dads old harmonica and made the mistake of showing the girls, so you can imagine how peaceful and quiet our house has been since. 
Kennedy is kind of a natural at it. 
I ordered a book about how to play the harmonica on Amazon yesterday. I'm going to teach myself some songs so I can be the cool kid at my next campfire gathering. 

Utah people, how about this weather?! It's been awesome! It's getting me really pumped for summer. I can't wait to have zero obligations and just have fun!! Only 2.5 more weeks then preschool and my job are over until August/September. I'm going to miss the money over the summer, but I'm excited to have a social life again. 

Speaking of fun, we did quite the workout at the gym today. 

This is called the 300 workout. We did the top, Original one today. It's the workout the cast of the movie 300 did to get ripped. Our goal was to do it as fast as we could, starting from the top. It looks easier on paper but it was brutal, especially the floor wipers. I'm pretty sure my whole body will be feeling it tomorrow. I was supposed to run 5 miles after but it killed me bad enough I could only squeak out 2. 

I have been TERRIBLE at getting up to run this week. I just don't have the motivation. I've stopped taking my preworkout and I think my body is adjusting to the no caffeine because I've been really tired and getting bad headaches. But I know it'll pass. I kicked pop 9 years ago and I remember the "withdrawals" being similar, only much worse then. But I've struggled to get up early. I need someone to come dump ice water in my bed and get me out! I managed to run yesterday afternoon after sleeping through my alarm, and today I tried to get my 5 miles in after an earlier class at the gym but I was dead. If I would have just gotten up like I was supposed to, it would have already been done. I'm writing this down in case I read this again so I can learn from my stupid mistakes. Megan, GET UP!! 

After Brynlie's nap we headed to Sports Authority to see if they had any good going-out-of-business sales. Turns out, our SA isn't closing... But I did find some running shorts with POCKETS (yay!!) on sale, so I snagged those, some more Body Glide, and a strobe light so cars won't hit and seriously injure or kill me when I'm running in the wee hours of the morning when it's still dark. Well, they still might do that, but this way I'll be easier to find once I'm dead. 

The girls were good while shopping so I promised them a cookie from Swig. I was pretty thirsty and I've never ordered a drink from there because most of their drinks have pop in them, so after talking with the chick at the register about my no-carbonation options, I got the fruit water. 
It was good at first, and then the coconut flavor became too much and I felt like I was drinking tanning lotion. Maybe next time I'll try it without the coconut. Or less of it. 

The girls devoured their cookies. 
Some more gracefully than others 
And they enjoyed playing outside afterward and getting dirty. 

Also, an update: I lost 2% body fat last week! It was a shock because I didn't stick to my macros very well while camping but it was such a joy to see some progress! I've been really good this week so I'm hoping for more progress on my scans next week. Also, I've been getting a lot of random Instagram friend requests lately. I always reject people I don't know, but if you're a reader trying to friend me, will you email me with your username first so I know it's you? My email is under the contact tab. Thanks! 

I'm looking forward to a low-key, relaxing night tonight with my babes and their sexy Daddy. 
See ya'll tomorrow! 

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