The Rest Of Our Memorial Day

Cory had to work Sunday and today and Kennedy was having a blast at the ranch, so on a whim I decided to head up to East Canyon with Brynlie and stay overnight with my parents who were camping up there. I have to say, it felt weird with just B and I. But it was also really great. I think she and I really needed the time together. We never really get that. 

We didn't do anything super stimulating but we did have a good, relaxing time just enjoying nature. 
All Brynlie wanted to do was throw rocks in the lake. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with her arm. 
Tommy had a blast actually getting to be a real dog. 
And Brynlie got an unplanned shower
We had a roaring fire which yours truly chopped all the wood for, and started it without any issues. I felt pretty mountain man-ish. 
We played games in our most raw attire (that hair...)
And raised cheers to the weekend 
For having done nothing but relax the last couple days I am strangely exhausted. I hope getting back into my routine tomorrow will help. 

Also, I have come down with an injury; a tragedy to any runner. I have self-diagnosed myself using google with Achilles tendinitis. It's the only thing I could find on Achilles' tendon pain from running, so let's roll with it. The worst part is, it means no running until it's healed. I'm going to ice, stretch, and roll the crap out of my calves in hopes that it's gone quickly. The last thing I need is an injury right now. 

Well, I'm off to bed. Sorry for the boring post today. Tomorrow it's back to real life!! See you soon! 

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