Sushi Makes Everything Better

I saw this today and literally LOL'd. I think all of us are feeling this way after Ogden. 
I felt much better after posting my vent post last night. It felt good to get everything off my chest. And I fell asleep last night in prayer thanking Heavenly Father for everything I could possibly think of. And then I slept in until 8:30!! I definitely still have many stressors in my life, but I feel like I can handle it again. At least for a few more days. So let's get back to the nitty gritty. 

Every time I hear my dad order a steak "well done" from now on I'm going to think of this. The redder the better!! 
If you're not a local, you might not know that the angel Moroni got struck by lightening on the Bountiful Temple on Sunday. 
I was home during the storm and the thunder was pretty darn intense. It did some damage to it as well. Crazy!! 

Let's play "Who wore it best." In this case, it's these one of a kind, high-quality plastic princess dress up shoes. Are you ready? Here we go. 
Kennedy gets mega points for incredibly adorable presentation. Brynlie looks like she's angry with me because she put them on her own feet. "What the hell are these doing on my feet, Mom?!" (Wouldn't be the first time)

I can't believe how grown up the girls are getting. We got Kennedy her own hydration pack for hiking. This is something we've wanted to get her for a long time but we couldn't justify $50+ when carrying a water bottle works just fine, plus all the packs were the same size as she was over the years. Now all the sudden they fit her! And thanks to an amazing sale and an even more amazing coupon at REI, we got a screaming deal on this. 
It was supposed to be a birthday present but I couldn't wait! Besides, I want to go hiking before the end of June anyway. Now she and Doggy are all set! 
My only regret is showing the girls the emergency whistle... If I were a dog my head would have exploded by now. 

Today we went up to the house for a bit and I started to paint our doors! 
Photo session on pause to give my squishy Boo some loves. Her soft cheeks are insanely addicting!!! 
Another exciting thing happened today: the girls are now in bunk beds. 
Kennedy has been sleeping on the bottom for a long time and Brynlie has been in her crib. She's been climbing out for quite some time now, so we decided we might as well have them bunk up together (see what I did there?) and get rid of the crib for some more space. Brynlie couldn't have cared less about this milestone, but Kennedy, however, was so excited to sleep on the top she changed herself into her jammies and tried to put herself to bed at 4pm. 

Fun story about those stupid rails... They were supposed to be "easy". They weren't. I thought I could throw them on before Brynlies nap, but they ended up taking me over an hour. Brynlie missed her nap, I missed the run I was planning on, I was dripping sweat because those mattresses weigh about 100lbs each, and it was one of those projects where EVERYTHING goes wrong and NOTHING comes together like it's supposed to. I was yelling and cussing like crazy, so much I scared Brynlie. But Kennedy just sat and watched me and kept being my cheerleader saying things like, "I know you can do it, Mom! See, I knew that would work! This time will be good, Mom. You did that so well!" I'm telling you, I don't deserve her. She has the sweetest little soul. 

Tonight I got to go out for a girls night to Happy Sumo with my wonderful friends! They were actually Cory's friends first, but once we started dating and got married I stole them because I'm way cooler. Sushi makes everything better! I got the Vegas Roll and the Sun n' Turf Roll and they were both amazing! 
Sorry for the ghetto background, I'm just trying to protect my family and there was something identifiable in the background. I love these girls so much! They're like family to me. 

Tomorrow we are heading to Logan to take a walk down memory lane and show the girls where I lived and went to school. I'm really excited and kind of nervous. Logan is bitter sweet for me. But I'm excited for family time! 

See you soon! 

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