Shopping and Zootopia

This is a little awkward and embarrassing to admit, but I caught my husband in bed with a naked blonde last night. She didn't even try and defend herself, either, the little tramp. She just laid there!
The weather was a little crazy today. It was super windy again which drives me insane!! Of all the elements, wind is my least favorite. But we also had thunderstorms which were fun. I got my work done early today and then headed to Farmington to shop for my Mother's Day presents. The girls were kind of a nightmare but we only had one falling-out-of-the-shopping-cart-head-first incident and there was no blood; everyone survived. I never do stuff like this but I was so excited about the stuff I found that I decided to "model" it for you! 

My original purpose in going shopping was to find jean, knee-length shorts. Finding those is like trying to find a unicorn. After several stores I finally found 1 pair for $19.99. Score! And they're cute! 
I also found these cute coral colored ones that I discovered (after I brought them home) are supposed to lift your butt and make it look nice, so that's fun. 
Then fate threw me a bone because I just happened to find this adorable dress thrown in a random rack, and it was my size and DIRT cheap!

I'll need to wear leggings with it, but it's cute and I hardly ever wear dresses, so I'm excited. 

And lastly, because I have a serious problem, I bought more workout clothes. Just a bra and top though. I didn't realize Nordstrom Rack had workout gear for cheap. We may be in trouble. 
I LOVE the back of this top!
I also wish my back looked that good without flexing ;) 

When it comes to workout clothes, I don't have a "brand" that I'm obsessed with. That stuff doesn't matter to me much. What I look for are good deals. Saving money is most important on my list. If it's cute, inexpensive, and decent quality, I'm all for it! I also like different brand for different things. Nike, Under Armour and Moving Comfort are my favorite brands for running gear. For the gym I'm pretty flexible. I don't automatically get a better workout because I'm wearing $90 pants, ya know? 

The girls had quite the play/giggle session on my bed as I was putting my new finds away. 
 It was pretty cute, especially when it ended like this
Kennedy and I watched Narnia while Brynlie had a 3.5 hour nap (can you believe that?!) and Kennedy finished off the water in my mug. She told me, "I'll go fill it up for you!" 
I wasn't sure she could do it without spilling it, so I let her try while I held my breath in excited anticipation; if she succeeded, I would now have a way to get more water without even having to get up! And.... She did it!!! I won't really make her do it every time, but it's a luxury I will take advantage of while she's still at the age where she loves to help me. 

Tonight we went to dinner at Pei Wei and then took the kids to see Zootopia! 

I was nervous because we took Brynlie to Star Wars and it was a nightmare. Tonight she lasted about 45 minutes in her chair
And then we lost all control. Thankfully the movie isn't super popular anymore so the theatre was tiny and not crowded, but man she's a booger!! Kennedy and I loved it though. 
We got in a little rock climbing session after the movie as well. 
Normally I don't let my girls scale buildings, but come on! Look at that face!! 
It makes a momma proud! 

Well, I'm off to bed at 9:30 on a Friday night so I can wake up super early and get a long run done. At least tomorrow I get to run with someone, and it's only 12 miles, so it'll be good. See ya'll tomorrow! 

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