Pictures and Such

I'm still reeling a little that Kennedy has "graduated" from preschool. Her school had their end of year program and she did SOOOOO well!! She sang and did the actions and was smiling the whole time! She was a little embarrassed at first...
But she got over it. I can't explain what it does to my heart to see her so happy. Her self-confidence has skyrocketed thanks to this class and that makes me so emotional. She needed that. Badly. 
They sang a song about being a puppy, something she pretends on the daily. She nailed it. 
Oh my gosh I love her so much! And I can't explain how proud of her I am. She has made remarkable strides this year and has loved every minute of school. 
She has her amazing teachers to thank for that. 
Kennedy with her adorable friend Scarlett. 
I am so proud of her and she was proud of herself. She was beaming and happy all day long. 

Other random stuff from today...

I tried my first "tattoo" today. 
It washed off when I was bathing my girls tonight. So much for the ink lasting a couple weeks. *eye roll*

Kennedy brought me an amazing gift of a wad of leaves and a dead branch. She's so thoughtful. 
We enjoyed our day outside for quite some time. 
I wish pictures came with sound so you could hear what this picture sounded like, but I bet you can imagine. 
I tried a new makeup trend today called baking. Check it out on YouTube. My face produces enough oil every day I could sell it and decrease gas prices so I decided to try it and see if it would help keep my oil at bay. You guys, I was matte ALL DAY! I want to sing praises and dance around like an idiot. This has never happened in the history of my makeup-wearing years. 
I was pretty jazzed. Finally something that works! If you're a greasy hot dog like me, give it a try. 

That's all I have for you today. I feel like I'm going to be busy tomorrow getting ready for the race and Brynlie's birthday party but I'll take pictures and keep you informed and I will try and blog before my 8:30 bedtime. Yeesh! See you soon! 

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