Part II: Day One, Logan

We had plans to go to the Ranch overnight, but decided since we had the whole day free Friday, and everyone wouldn't be there until that evening, that we would take the really long way there and go to Logan and show the kids my old stomping grounds. These two got a little distracted while packing the car. 
We stopped at Wal Mart to get some groceries and the girls some much cheaper Aggies shirts, and then we started at the Student Center 
When I was going to school I always wanted to come back with my future kids, gets them tiny Aggies shirts, and go to a basketball game. The game will have to wait, but we completed everything else. 
Logan is... Hard for me. I have so many great memories there and so many truly terrible ones. I chose to really focus on the good ones, which was pretty easy while watching the girls have so much fun on campus. 

The only thing I really cared to see on campus was the "A" which was in a construction zone, but we got tons of pictures anyway. 

Photography by Kennedy. I'm actually impressed! 
Next we let the girls play and run around on the quad, which was completely deserted. 
We had the whole place to ourselves. 
I told Cory to do something silly to get them to smile. Apparently they thought I was talking to them. 
Then Daddy joined in the fun. 
I miss this building. 
The flowers on campus were so pretty and smelled heavenly!! 
Next we got back in the car just as the storm hit and headed towards Bear Lake. Isn't she so gorgeous?! 
We stopped at Cafe Sab√≥r in Garden City. I love this place!! Although I forgot how massive the portion sizes are. These were the appetizer nachos. 
I don't know what the deal is with me and nachos lately, but we cannot get enough of each other!! I tried to be good and ordered a salad. I didn't know it could feed a small army. 
After dinner our last driving stretch was to the ranch. We got there and Kennedy came out of her skin with excitement! But then we saw that no one was there yet and we didn't have a key... So we pulled out the jeep and let the girls cruise around. 
While we waited and watched. 
It took Cory not even 5 minutes to notice two baby owls in the tree. They were so cute!! 
Finally everyone else arrived and we got inside before the sun went down. We spent the night watching movies and then headed to bed at a decent hour. It was such a great day! 

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