Our Car Is Clean!

The first thing I saw this morning, after sleeping in yet again, was this:
It stung a little to read. I had a good reason for not getting up early today though; I didn't fall asleep until after midnight last night. I don't know what my deal was! So waking up early to run just wasn't happening. And as predicted, I'm sore pretty much everywhere after yesterday's workout. I know all the strength training and boot camp classes count for something, so my plan is to rest tomorrow and do 12 miles Saturday, then get back at my training plan next week. No more slacking!!! 

Kennedy wanted to watch this today. We had a nice talk about the difference between kid movies and grown up movies. 
And Brynlie was wearing my favorite outfit Kennedy wore at this age. It's just as adorable on her. Go Yankees!
We dropped K off at school and went to the gym on a whim. I wasn't going to go today but decided I needed the mommy time. We had about 5 people in our class and none of us were motivated to do anything, so it wasn't our best workout, but we had some good laughs. Mommy time was a success. 

I picked up Kennedy and she surprised me with a Mother's Day gift she made at school! 
It's a questionnaire about me. Her answers were pretty cute and right on the money, except for saying I'm 5 years old. I mean, sometimes I act like it, but not always ;) It was so sweet. I love getting things like this from my kids. 

After school we had a meeting with her teachers to talk about her progress this year and what she still needs to work on to be ready for kindergarten. She will continue speech into kindergarten just to help her be more articulate. I'm so proud of how hard she's worked and how much she's come out of her shell. I was telling her tonight one of the things I love the most about her is how thoughtful she is and how she always notices what needs to be done and jumps in to help. She's so much help to me and Cory and a major joy in our lives. She really is an amazing little girl. 

We came home and our Amazon package had arrived. I can't wait to be a cool cat with my harmonica. 
And I restocked on some Honey Stinger waffles. Nothing that exciting. 

Our car was DISGUSTING!!!!!! It's one of the bad things about working from my car... The kids trash it. There was a gold fish apocalypse today. Many crackers lost their lives. Many, many, MANY, crackers. Gold fish in places I didn't know our car even had. Anyway, I spent two solid hours cleaning it out and shampooing the seats and floors. It was exhausting, and I never even got to shampoo the third row, but it's almost like having a new car again. 
Then I mowed the lawn while the girls played... And somehow they were rewarded with chocolate pudding while I got stuck cooking dinner. 
Dinner was grilled hamburgers and sweet potato fries. It was delicious!!!! I don't know how I used to hate homemade burgers. 

I leave you tonight with a picture of a local garden shop that my friend took this morning and I stole off Facebook. It's too funny not to share. I wonder how long it'll be up there...

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