Ogden Marathon Race Recap


I was nothing but excited for this race!! I had zero nerves whatsoever, which for a worrier like myself, is a huge deal! I think knowing what to expect helped a ton! The expo helped get me super pumped!!
Plus the girls got balloons so everyone left feeling pretty dang happy. 
I trained hard for this race. I made about 90% of my runs and knew that physically, I was ready. As mentioned before, my top goal was to finish in 4:30 in perfect conditions, but after stalking the forecast the whole week before the race, I knew perfect conditions just weren't happening. Ogden is notorious for rain, and rain it was! But for some reason, I just had a good feeling about this race, even though the course is hard and the weather looked like it wasn't going to cooperate. 

I had a disgustingly early wake up call to get with my carpool and get up to load the buses. 
When I woke up I looked outside and saw it was windy, and knew we were in trouble, but I was determined to not let it get me down. We arrived in Ogden just as it started to rain... And it didn't stop for hours. We had almost two hours to kill waiting for the race to start so we bummed by the fire pits trying to stay dry. 
We did squeeze in a group photo with my running group. These people are awesome! 
Before I knew it, it was time to start! I had taken care of everything I needed, had made the necessary deposits in the port-a-potty (other runners will understand), and was ready to fly!! 

I started the race in excellent spirits even though the rain was pouring and the headwind was trying to kill me. I found the 4:30 pacer and decided to stick with her and not even worry about my watch, but after a couple miles I noticed that she was really pushing the pace, like a whole minute faster per mile than was needed for that pace. I hoped it was a fluke and stuck with her for a couple more miles. When I realized she wasn't slowing down (she actually kept speeding up), I backed off and slowed down to the right pace. I would have died off if I would have tried to maintain that pace the rest of the way. 

I didn't mind the rain. I learned from the monsoon last year at the Ogden Half not to ditch my poncho, so I managed to stay pretty dry and warm with it on. The wind got incredibly brutal in some spots. A couple times it whipped me so hard I almost fell over and it blew my headphones out of my ears! And guess what? I only swore once. 

Around mile 13-14 my legs got tired and back really started to hurt. That's never happened to me. I got a little nervous but said a small prayer for some help and just kept on going. I wanted to keep my spirits high so I could conquer myself mentally. I feel like I end up sabotaging myself in each race because I start playing mind games and screw myself up. That didn't happen this time. 

Mile 14 was a pretty big hill that lasted a couple miles. I told myself to push it and ended up running the whole stretch without ever stopping to walk. Accomplishing that gave me a HUGE adrenaline rush, and something just clicked inside me and I flew! After mile 16 the rain finally, FINALLY let up (not the wind though) and after I was certain it was done, I finally ditched my poncho which helped me not feel like a kite in the wind. Or a sail boat, whichever gives you a better visual. 

I walked briefly through every aid station and drank a glass of Gatorade and water. I always ate the oranges and bananas whenever they were supplied and ate my own personal fuel every 4 miles. Because of this, I never hit the wall and was able to just keep on truckin'! In fact mile 23 was my fastest split! My first marathon my body was toast by then. However, my pace slowed after mile 23, but that's fine with me. 

The final mile and a half (ish?) the course turns south to head to the finish line. Somehow there was a strong head wind this direction, too, which made me want to swear, but I was running past the Ogden temple, so I refrained. I could see the finish line off in the distance but it seemed to get further away with each step I took. Again, no swearing. Finally I made it to the end, and I was nothing but smiles and elated spirits as I crossed the finish line!! 
My official time was 4:40:17, which I am damn proud of considering the terrible conditions! (I can swear now). I have never felt so proud of myself. Such an insanely awesome feeling! It was also a new PR for me by 40 minutes! But I knew a PR was coming since my time in September was so slow thanks to the heat and the UTI. 
The girls were happy to see me, and I was really happy to see them. Thinking about them always gets me to the finish line faster. 
Today was Brynlie's birthday so she got an extra tight hug! And I got a pigtail in my face. 
Cory's parents and his brother came to support me, but we got our signals crossed and I didn't get a picture with them which bummed me out. My parents and my sister also came. I have such a great support system. I am so lucky. 

On cloud nine! 
Family photo! 
The medal was pretty sweet this year which is always a huge perk! I'm stoked to display this one! I freaking earned it! 
My legs are more sore than they have been in a long, long time, and I chaffed super bad around my arm pits, so it hurts to move my arms in basically any direction. But overall I feel incredible. I couldn't get the smile off my face! 

We came home to quite the display from my brother and sister in law. It was the sweetest thing!! They planned to make it to the race but didn't, so they decorated the house instead. 

Right now the thought of running at all makes me want to throw up, but the high I'm feeling from this race was worth every mile. After my legs heal and I'm able to move my arms again, I'm sure I'll be planning out my training plan for my next one. I feel very accomplished and grateful for a body that allows me to run. 

Tonight we had Brynlies birthday party, which was quite the shin dig, but I will blog about that next time. Right now I plan on sleeping for a couple days. See you soon!  


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You. Are. Amazing!

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You kicked butt!! Way to go!! I'm so proud of you!!

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