New Mantra's and A Day In Our Car

It's race week!!!! I'm getting really excited!!

I found two new mantra's for the race. First:
I may not be Batman, sadly, but I am pretty awesome-ish. I'm Megan. I've worked hard. I've trained. I can do this. I believe in myself.

Did I tell you I bought temporary tattoo pens to write some motivational stuff on my arms so I can read them when the going gets tough? Cause I did. And the above one is definitely getting inked.

So far the weather is looking perfect!
Some pics from our Sunday:

That moment when you weigh too much for your horsie and you all go down
Her cheeser smile cracks me up! It reminds me of the face Cory makes when he's trying to hold in a fart.
Today we spent a major chunk of the day in the car running tons of errands.
Grocery shopping was kind of fun though because I got to buy a lot more carbs than I'm used to. Starting Wednesday It's on! Bagels, oatmeal, potatoes, rice, pasta!!! Mmmmmmmmm

We took another trip to the dump. We're here so much we're thinking of getting a season pass.
Next we went to Lowe's... AGAIN. I hope to make all the employees my second family by the time we're done with our house. The girls aren't sick of it yet, and that's probably because Cory always makes it fun for them. Today they got to help carry plumping pipe, which might sound dumb (because it is) but they LOVED it!

We also picked up our doors! Our beautiful, perfect doors.
This week I plan on pulling some weeds since the rain showers have kept the ground moist and our yard looks like the African Savanna. Then next week I'll probably start painting the doors. Today I laid out some of the flooring just to get a glimpse. I got so excited I squealed! <---you a="" african="" all="" and="" at="" brush.="" children="" done="" door="" doors="" everyone="" excited="" flooring="" front="" get="" got="" hates="" i="" if="" in="" it="" just="" laid="" like.="" like="" ll="" look="" looks="" lose="" m="" might="" nbsp="" next="" of="" our="" out="" p="" painting="" peek="" re="" savanna.="" sneak="" so="" some="" squealed.="" start="" that="" the="" to="" today="" we="" week.="" welcome="" what="" who="" will="" word="" worried="" yard="">
I feel like this week is going to be a very lazy week. I ran 3 easy miles today and I have 2 to do tomorrow, then I'm done running until the race! I'm also not going to the gym so I can be fresh, so I feel like I'm doing nothing and it's a very annoying feeling. Hopefully keeping busy at the house will help.

Now if you'll excuse me I have a thunderstorm to go watch. See you soon!

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