More Pictures and Blessing Baby Allison

Kennedy keeps telling me I'm going to have twins next. If she's right, I feel like this weekend solidified the fact that twins would send me to the nut house, but I would somehow love being there. Mothers of twins: you are my heros!! (These cousins are 16 days apart) 

This girl really impressed me this weekend. She had her tired/cranky moments, but she acted so grown up and was so happy with her cousins. She's opened up so much lately and kind of shocked my brothers family with how much she talks now. They had a blast with her! 
My parents have the most adorable grandkids. 
Pigging out on pizza. 

I got this dress for Christmas. 4 months later I finally got the guts to wear it. It shows pretty much every flaw, but I decided I didn't care. Don't mind the athletic socks I wear under my boots. 
Sunday nachos sans cheese. 
I'm really trying to unplug and be a better mother. That's my #1 goal right now. I feel like I'm failing at everything, so I'm determined to do my best. 
These babes of mine have such a scary world to be thrown out into. I'm terrified I won't prepare them right. 

But first things first, learning to keep fingers out of noses. 
We had anothe epic windstorm in our county. Downed trees, power outages, fences and roofs blown away, cars and homes damages, cars blown off the freeway... It was ugly. This was the extent of our damage. 
We'll start the cleanup tomorrow. P.s. We hustled home from camping to secure the trampoline before the wind started. Priorities. 

Today my brother blessed Baby Allison. It was a wonderful blessing. Thanks to Collin for being a bawl baby and making us all cry. Cory had to work and I was slightly upset about it. Also, again, I'm failing at everything because there's the finger in the nose again. 
She's such a happy and loving baby. We are so blessed to have her in our family. 

It's back to normal life again this week. Wish us luck!


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