Last Long Run and Goodbye Pink Bathroom!

I follow a lot of churchy accounts on Instagram that post quotes, pictures of temples, excerpts of general conference talks, scriptures, etc. I love it! Every once in a while something will pop up that just gives me the chills, like this one. I feel like it was inspired, because I needed it. 
I also really liked this one:
This morning was my final "long run" before the race next week. First of all, can we talk about what a GORGEOUS day it was today?? A titch hot, but beautiful!
I did 8 miles on some monster hills. 
I was hoping for a confidence boost before next week but it didn't happen. The run was ok, but tiring. 

This cracked me up! This is seriously the reason I sometimes will skip over eating a Reese's and opt for a cleaner candy. 
I've been using false lashes more (the one day a month I actually get dressed and ready for something) and my favorite lash company, House of Lashes, released their most popular lashes in "mini" versions which are way more day-to-day wearable. I was so excited!! My favorites are the Iconic style, but they're pretty dramatic. When I saw the mini's though, I almost hyperventilated!! 

And my word, I LOVE THEM!! They are so gorgeous! 
It took some practice to get my lashes to sit right, but I feel like I'm getting better at them. 

I love cuddling with my babes. 
Today we demolished our nasty, pink bathroom! 
Goodbye, pink tile!
We found some mold behind the shower and sink, so we are going to have to replace all the sheet rock. 
But once this is done and cleaned up, we are ready to start putting things back together!! Unless Cory comes up with something else he needs to do. 

I hope you got out and enjoyed this gorgeous day! See you soon! 

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