Just Another Manic Monday

I love my in-laws. Cory's dad is such a softie when it comes to the girls. A long time ago they bought Zhu Zhu pets for Cory's niece and forgot about them. Years later they found them and he pulled them out for the girls. He scoured KSL classifieds for their accessories just so the girls would have fun things to play with when they are over. And they love them!! 
My little G-thug put on a fun little show for everyone. 
Last night Cory and I were online shopping for Brynlie's birthday presents and found a few things Kennedy would love...
No, not the doll house, the tool set. I love how I keep buying boy toys for my pretty little girls. I'm convinced since they're so tomboyish we will have another girl because we won't need any boys. 

We had quite the sweat session at the gym today. I left a full-body sweat angle on the floor. So gross and kinda cool looking. 
The mountains were looking pretty dapper today. 
We got home from grocery shopping and I left for 2 minutes to use the bathroom. I came back to this. 
Kennedy told me she has a crush on Harry Potter and some nights she says she wants to dream about him. Her first celebrity crush... Aww... Makes me more tolerant of watching it All. The. Time. 

I took advantage of their distraction and got my 4 easy miles in. Tapering is fun and frustrating. I feel like I'm not doing enough after the short runs, but it's also nice to not be on the treadmill that long. 
Afterward, I downed my protein shake as fast as I could because I couldn't stand my own smell. 
After my amazing shower I decided I had better get cracking on planning B's 2nd birthday party since it's less than two weeks away. She isn't really interested in anything, but she does love animals so I settled on a jungle/safari theme and went "wild" on Amazon for party supplies. See what I did there? 
It's going to be so cute!! 

Wish I was here. 
Talk about puppy love! This was so sweet!! 

Ok, let's talk about the Ogden Marathon because it seems to be all I can think about with it being 12 days away. Ahhhh!!!! 

What is my goal?
I've gone back and forth with this. I know the course isn't super fast, but I have increased my endurance since my first marathon. My top goal is to finish around 4:30:00. The average pace for that time is more than doable for me. My bottom goal is to come in under 5 hours. That shouldn't be too hard to accomplish assuming I don't have a UTI again and have to stop at every bathroom ;). If it's pouring rain, which is notorious for Ogden, my goals go out the window. I just want to run a smart race and give it my all. 

Am I ready? 
Yep. I've trained smart. I've done my runs. I did 2, 20(ish) long runs that were stellar and I have the next 12 days to keep pumping up my mental game. I'm also ready to get this over with and have a few weeks off. Before I start all over again. 

So, pray for good weather and a successful race so I have happy things to blog about when it's over, mkay? 

Also, put in a few words with the Big Guy that we've had enough rain here in Utah. 


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