Well That Was A Long Post

I started my morning with the news that a very close friend of mine miscarried her 4th baby over the weekend. My heart ached for her knowing how difficult it is for her to get pregnant and how excited she was for this child. When I hear news like this I always end up asking myself why God allows terrible things to happen to good people. I don't have the answer. We all agreed to be tested on this earth and we each get to endure our own unique hardships and heartbreak. But with The Lord we can overcome anything, and I am so grateful for eternal families so that she can see that baby again. It was also a gentle reminder for me to appreciate more the gift that is motherhood, because most days I take it for granted. I am so grateful for my sweet, spunky, challenging babies. 
Please say an extra prayer for her. She is completely devastated, especially since she was almost 4 months along. I owe so much to her and her friendship. When I was in trouble and needed help, but didn't know it, she did the most brave, caring, selfless thing anyone has ever done for me, and in so doing, helped save my life. She is my soul-sister. It kills me to think of her in so much pain, so let's help ease the burden in any way we can. 

Ok, I'm sorry to start the blog with sad news, but sometimes life just happens, and sometimes life just sucks. Speaking of... 
I saw this on Facebook and laughed. I don't know about you but I am completely terrified for this election and for our future. I've actually had panic attacks that our world will end and Christ will come before we ever get to finish and live in our house haha. I thought I was crazy but I talked to one of my besties today who did the same thing we did and she had similar fears. I'm glad I'm not the only one being a nut case. 

We both have been super stressed over the house, though. Man, sorry for the downer post... But we have been. We're working on it as much as we can and it feels like nothing is getting done. We can't afford to hire contractors to come do the work for us, so we just have to keep chipping away at it. I haven't posted any recent pictures because we haven't done anything exciting. But Cory is almost done with the gas line, then we demo the main bathroom, then we can start on drywall. If you're bored and wanna come give him a hand, let me know! ;) We would be so appreciative. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love how Facebook shares my past memories. It's probably the only thing I like about it anymore. This was 7 years ago at the Race for the Cure. I had blonde hair then, too! 
Our workout at the gym today was a killer!! I literally almost threw up on the floor. That should explain the amazing hair and facial expression in the following photo: 
I remembered today that I still haven't posted a gym blog post. Oops! I will try to get to it. It's hard to remember because once I'm there my phone goes away and I'm there to work. 

Did you know I spent 5 summers of my life doing lawn maintenance for a school district and Utah State University? It's true, and because of that, I am OBSESSED with staring at people's yards. A green, freshly mowed, trimmed, and edged lawn is a beautiful sight. So you can imagine how difficult it is for me to see botch-jobs like this. It makes my heart hurt. 
Here's another fun fact about me; I am crazy about Rice-A-Roni. I'm not even joking. I can eat an entire box of this stuff and never get sick of it. 
Normal kids would walk down to the local convenience store and buy pop or candy, and I did that too, but I also would buy this and take it home and make it. I have memories of buying and making it with my brother, my friends, myself... It's amazing I have friends, seriously. I'm weird. Any who, I get pretty excited about dinner when it includes this delicacy of mine. I also love peas, too, but I never made special trips to the store just for those. 
Dinner involved a lot of drama from the wee ones. Heaven help me for their teenage years. 
And lastly I wanted to end with this amazing quote! It's an excellent reminder that God made us all unique for a reason, and that is something to embrace. In my quest for my physical goals I often forget the eternal perspective of it all, and this humbles me right back down to where I should be. I'm proud of who I am and I like who I am, inside and out. You should be, too! 
I love you all. Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy blog journey. 


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Unknown said...

It takes a strong woman to bare a burden like that. I can only imagine what an army of angels she has on the other side who are constantly watching over and caring for her! I pray that she might find peace! Please know I am here if I can help in any way. God loves you!