How I Battle Bloating and Chalk Art

I randomly decided to wear my Nike's to the gym yesterday, only to discover Kennedy had gotten at them first. 
Bless her cute little heart for trying to tie knots. 

Both girls woke up in a spectacular mood yesterday, so our morning was pretty fun. 
Until I got stuck behind the bus... AGAIN! I swear it doesn't matter when I leave, this guy always ends up in front of me. But the sky is blue, so yay!! 
When it comes to my food, I always save the best part for the last bite. So naturally, I eat around my sandwiches to save the middle part for the end. Yes, I'm 5. 
Props to her!! This makes me so happy. I love that she has embraced who she is and sticks with it. 
So let's talk about girl stuff...

I get suuuuuper bloated during my period. I think most of us do, but that fact doesn't make it any less annoying. How do I combat that? I have workout tops reserved for this horrible week that hide that pretty well. I call them my PMS-tops. They're usually more flowy and loose, which helps me feel not quite so much like a whale. 
Thank you, Old Navy, for making a cute, Lululemon copy-cat tank that's more modest, and about 1/8th the price. 

Funny story... I was trying different lighting in different mirrors for the above picture and never even noticed Kennedy in the background of this one. Please note what she is holding... I never told her what the picture was for. I died!! 
I am really bad at letting my kids help me with stuff. I'm pretty high strung so it's easier for me to just do it right and fast. I've been working on not being like that. Today I let Brynlie carry in the mail. She almost made it!
But she was super proud of herself so it reinforced that I need to allow more opportunities for this. 
We had quite the loot waiting for us at the door. This is basically Brynlies whole birthday. Each box was only filled about 1/4 of the way and the rest was stuffed with inflatable packaging, which the girls had a blast with. I am so excited for her party!! 
I put Brynlie down and immediately jumped on the treadmill before I could talk myself out of it. My motivation level has been at zero and it was starting to worry me. I tried a different workout today to kill the boredom. I started at 6mph and increased the speed by 1 every quarter of a mile. I did 4 miles total, so by the end I was at a 7:52 pace, which is fast for me. I'm not sure where my time went? So weird!! I finished in 35:42. 
I was tired, but not completely worn out which gave me quite the runners high! 
I really needed that boost! 

My mom asked me if I wanted to go to the chalk art festival with her after she got off work, so we headed over there. Some of those drawings were down right amazing!! I love the color in this one. 
We found Lightening McQueen! 
For dinner tonight I made nachos that will literally change your life. Loaded BBQ chicken nachos. Oh. My. Word. These are so freaking good!! You can find the recipe here:
They were so good I couldn't risk taking the time to snap a photo. I inhaled them!! 
Seriously go try them! 

Tonight I got to take some time away and hang out with some friends! 
We officially were meeting for our book club, but only half of us could make it this time. I'm so grateful for good friends in my life. And for the chance to unwind and be on my own without having to play the mom role. A little break is deserved sometimes. 

See ya'll soon! 

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