Are Carbs Killing Me?!

I cannot believe I'm going to say this, but eating a buttload of carbs isn't making my life feel as complete as I expected. In fact, I almost feel like they're trying to kill me. I'm used to eating them; it's not like I stick to a low carb diet, but man! My tummy isn't happy with me. 

I've read many articles on the correct way to carb load for a race. Most people think it's just eating your own weight in pasta the night before. It's more complicated than that. I love this article about it. It explains things better than I could. 

Basically you're supposed to load up a few days before the race and about 90% of your calories need to come from carbs. So my body is kind of freaking out I'm not sick, but I am definitely feeling it!

Life is a little weird with all this free time on my hands. I woke up early today and laid in bed for 45 minutes because I had nothing to do. The girls slept in... It was a Wednesday miracle. Some of us even had breakfast in our PJ's because we had nowhere to hurry and get to. 
Brynlie has been an extra flavor of evil the last few days. She is constantly whining or crying or screaming at someone. She's mad if you sit by her; she's mad if you don't. She's mad there's milk in her cup; she's mad if there's not. I'm not quite sure what to do. But I do love her, and I love that she thinks I'm the coolest. 
These were everything today. 
Brynlie felt a little warm and she did have a cold for a couple weeks so I decided to take her into the doctor to see if maybe she had an ear infection. Kennedy thinks she needs a hazmat suit every time we go to the doctor. She may be on to something. 
Turns out, she's healthy. No ear infection. So that's good, I guess, but I was also hoping for a logical reason for her terrifying behavior. On the plus side, they LOVE their doctor and the office. 
The weather was awesome today and I didn't feel like going home quite yet after the doctor so we headed to Ulta to pick up a couple things and then lunch at Johnny Rockets. The theory was to get hamburgers and sit outside but they didn't let us, so that kind of ruined my whole plan. But Kennedy didn't seem to care. Apparently when you're 4 all you need is ketchup to make you happy. 
We came home, Brynlie napped, Kennedy played computer games and I ate sushi and watched Gossip Girl. Perfect afternoon! 
For dinner Kennedy wanted to dine on the patio and this restaurant owner actually let her, since lunch crushed our hopes and dreams. Kennedy sat down and politely asked Brynlie, "Would you like to join me?" She was an excellent date; helped B sit down, helped her push in her chair, and even shared her water. 
We had enchiladas with this corn and black bean salsa I whipped up on a whim. It was super tasty and chock full of carbs *wink*. 
For not having done much today I am actuall super tired. I think I'll play some Sudoku while Cory hogs the TV for basketball playoffs and hit the hay early. Kennedy graduates from preschool tomorrow! I can't believe she's going to be in kindergarten in a few short months! Ah! Many pictures to come. See you soon! 

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