7 Years Ago

Holy crap! 7 years ago today I ran my very first 5k, in the pouring rain. I think it took me about 45 minutes, too ha ha! 
Oh 2009 Megan, if only you knew what you started. I love looking back on stuff like this. Back then I was just a girl who hated running, who signed up for a 5k to race with the students she was teaching. And somehow I've evolved into a freak! Life is weird, isn't it? 

So I need to take a moment and talk about how amazing Fabletics is. This isn't sponsored because I'm not even close to being cool enough to have posts like that. I'm just obsessed with their workout gear. It's a monthly subscription, which I think turns most people off right away. However, you don't pay a monthly fee. You only buy if you want to. Each month they release new styles and outfits and you can get an entire outfit for $50 and up. The quality is outstanding and everything I own has been super flattering, cute, and fits really well except their bras, but I'm really difficult to fit when it comes to those. You have until this 5th of every month to either buy an outfit or skip the month. It's really easy to remember to skip because they send you a few emails beforehand. You can skip as often as you want, too. If you forget to skip, then you get charged $50 which goes on your account and you can spend it on an outfit. It's like having a credit, but you just didn't mean to spend it. But bonus, your first outfit is $25!! I recently got another outfit of theirs. It's the most "boring" because it's all black, but it's still super cute. I LOVE the pants! 
Isn't this detail so cute??
And the back of the tank top matches! 
I think my favorite thing about their styles is most of their crops are high-waisted, which is a major selling point for me. I hate Lululemon sometimes because many of their bottoms are low-rise and I feel like my booty is going to pop out. No Bueno. Plus you can get a whole outfit that's better quality from Fabletics for less than the price of a single pair of pants from Lulu. Anyway, I just love their stuff so much. If you're in the market, check them out. 

It turns out the biggest mistake I was making with my macros was not hitting my numbers for each meal, instead I was just focusing on the daily totals. So I've had to adjust my meals to make sure I'm getting everything. The nutritionist told me to think of my body like a river, I want to keep it flowing by properly fueling it all day instead of stopping and starting again by not giving it everything it needs. 
So my breakfast has changed to half a cup of plain Greek yogurt with berries, sprouted whole grain bread with powdered peanut butter, and two eggs. It's actually a huge breakfast and I'm still adjusting to eating that much. 
It's taken A LOT more planning and prep each day to make sure my meals fit. Each night before bed I enter what I'm going to eat for the next day in myfitnesspal and tweak things where I need to so everything comes out at the right number. But I never once felt hungry today which was kind of a miracle. And I still have one more meal to go! 

We did the usual Monday crap today and the grocery store was super packed because they recently had a power outage and couldn't check people out. As soon as they got things up and running again there was a mad dash for the check out lines. 
The girls were DONE by the time it was our turn. 

I planned on a run today, but ended up taking a nap instead... So that happened. I'll have to make up the mileage on Thursday. Oh well! Life happens, so I'm not too worried about it. I have to remind myself every once in a while that skipping or postponing one run or workout won't matter. Several, yes, but one isn't going to hurt anything. 

You know you need a hobby when you think this makes a cool picture. 
It turned out that my hair ended up being more yellow/orange than we planned, so I went back to my friend today and got my hair toned, and it looks loads better!! She really is great with hair. I love her! 
We had stir fry for dinner which is always yummy, and now we're watching... Guess what? Harry freaking Potter. It's a good thing there's 8 movies to change it up every once in a while. 

Go enjoy the rest of your Monday night and I'll see ya'll tomorrow! 

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