Willard Bay

It's perfectly normal for 15 family members to go camping at Willard Bay, in April, when we don't even own a watercraft, right? 

My brother really wanted to go camping while he was here and my mom wanted to make that happen. It's still too cold and snowy to hit the mountains and we didn't have enough days to head south, so we opted to stay close where the weather would be ok. Hence, Willard Bay. So we're kind of having a stay-cation. It's been pretty fun so far. Prepare for a buttload of pictures. 
Interesting, no? 

We arrived shortly after leaving the house and quickly discovered the mosquitos are out in full force. Thankfully they're nothing some bug spray can't handle, but Cory happened to have these in the trailer and they've been put to good use. 
We discovered today that my niece is allergic to bug spray, so she's been wearing one of these every time she goes outside. And since she's doing it, Kennedy has to, too! 
I told Kennedy tonight as we were walking to the bathroom that I felt like I hadn't seen her all day because she's been playing and that I missed her. She squoze my hand and said, "Well you just have to tell me that!" She's growing up so fast! 

How many men does it take to set up a tent? 
Since we were 5 minutes away and none of us had ever been there before, we decided to check out Smith and Edwards, which is a HUGE store in a small town. 
They literally have everything!! This is about 1/3 of the store. Can you tell it goes WAAAAAAYYY back? 
When I say everything, I mean everything. 

It was pretty darn cool, and we walked away with some stuff we didn't know we needed until we saw it, like these Moon Pies. If you're a fellow Simpson's fan, you'll appreciate this. They were gross, by the way. 

After we wore ourselves out at the store, we came back to camp and played lots of games, had a fire, cooked hot dogs, and just hung out. 
She is an adorable, devious little she-devil. Poor little Brit never saw it coming. 

Some of us got more tired than the others. 

Hopefully we all get a good nights rest tonight so we can party hard again tomorrow. I'm ready for more adventures!


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