Tons Of Energy Today

My alarm and I are not getting along this week. It's getting a little worrisome. We might need to seek help from a professional. I blame my bed. It's hard to commit with that temptress pulling me in every day. 

My day was kind of crazy, in a good way. I woke up, got ready, and then dealt with Kennedy's Oscar winning drama about her leg. At first she couldn't walk. Then she couldn't climb on anything without crying and needing help, then she needed to sit on the couch with my blanket in order to feel better... It was an endearing morning; NOT! The things that quieted her down were 1) reminding her she got to go to school today, 2) ibuprofen, and 3) TV. 
Anyone else remember Pinky and the Brain? She loved it. 

I dropped off Kennedy at school where I warned her teachers about her "serious injury", just in case there were any problems. Then Brynlie and I went to the gym. I feel like I really crushed it today. My glutes are sure feeling it. 

Then there was boring stuff like work, playing taxi, more work, and then cleaning the taxi. Our car was nasty! We headed home, Brynlie had her nap, and I pounded out my 5 miles that I avoided this morning. 
Somehow I was still leaking energy so I decided to head outside and mow the lawn before I had a shower. I blame 5 summers of working in lawn maintenance, because I still kind of love mowing grass. It's weirdly satisfying and smells amazing. 

Finally it was shower time and then I decided since it's getting warmer and my legs are still pasty white, it was time to self-tan; something I haven't done in forever. This self-tanner is super amazing. It's the only thing I've tried that doesn't reek and doesn't irritate my extremely sensitive legs. 
Tonight for dinner we had turkey burgers and baked sweet potato fries. 
Once again I got the ideas for the fries off a Tasty video, and they made it look so easy! Maybe it's because I had to make three times the amount in the video, but they took two flipping hours! Brynlie had time to read a whole magazine, front to back and upside down. 

However, they were delicious and everyone loved them. I also made up my own fry sauce and the combo was pretty killer. However, I'm not sure I'll be making them again anytime soon unless it's for two people. 

I'm battling some wicked heartburn/reflux tonight and am having trouble focusing on this post, so I'm going to cut it short. Hopefully tomorrow we will be back to our usual shenanigans. G'night! 

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