Sunny Saturday Seventeen

Guys, I survived!!! 

My 17 mile run is done and actually felt awesome! I even left at the time I planned, and today the weather was perfect enough I actually needed this:

It took me about 4 miles for my legs to find a groove and not feel like lead, but once that happened I just took it nice and easy on a route with a whole lot of variety and hills. Not steep hills, just long, steady inclines and declines. Don't let the elevation map of the Ogden Marathon fool you, it is not downhill. So I want to be as ready as possible. 
I was kind of bugged about my pace but then remembered that long runs are supposed to be slower, and it was better for me to take it easy than to wipe myself out. I can push it on race day. 

I got done with plenty of time to stretch and watch General Conference on my phone while I waited for my ride. Oh how I LOVE President Eyring. 

My sister picked me up and I was feeling kind of smug about how awesome I felt. Then my ibuprofen wore off and so did the caffeine from my fuel and I was quickly humbled. I put Brynlie down for a nap and crashed hard. I woke up an hour later with legs that ached like crazy. I guess I'm not invincible after all. That was really disappointing to find out. (<---- sarcasm). 

Tonight I had a girls night with one of my BFF's! Her daughter was Kennedy's first friend when I worked at Gold's Gym. She used to come all the time and drop her kids off at the daycare and then we ended up becoming members at our gym at the same time and a beautiful friendship was born. We pigged out at Iggy's where I had probably the best hamburger of my life. I burned 1800 calories today so it was completely worth it! Brynlies face totally cracks me up! 
We went pretty early; around 4:30 to be exact, and we were almost the only girls. It was really cool to be surrounded by mostly men in their white shirts and ties, eating dinner before going to the priesthood session. It's stuff like this that makes me love living in Utah. It also makes me laugh that they're all watching basketball. This is why I don't take Cory to Iggy's unless I want some time alone. 
I came home and Cory was hungry so I whipped up a loaded BBQ chicken nacho recipe that I saw on Tasty. I tried some and they were pretty freaking fantastic! 
I think next time I will add olives because I love them. And put some avocado on top. I bought one, but it went bad before we made these. Bummer. 

That's all I've got for you today. Sorry for the lame post. I am super tired and ready to just cuddle on the couch and doze off watching a movie. See y'all tomorrow! 

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