Random Acts of Camera Roll

I totally cried watching the Boston Marathon yesterday. How amazing would it be to run that? Those athletes are so inspiring! 

"Mommy I'm getting so big and so strong!!" 

I literally cannot stop laughing about this

Just my toes were cold, so I improvised. 

But I actually got up! I even used my insurance policy and told Cory to push me out of bed if I didn't get up. 4 miles with hill repeats. It was supposed to be 8, but I just couldn't pull that out of myself today. Bad days happen. 

I'm loving spring! And I'm loving having trees in our yard that blossom. The kids are stoked we have popcorn trees. 

Running around the yard after Daddy mowed the lawn is a bad idea. 

Growing up, my mom would tell me this tragic story of when she was really little, they planted seeds in a cup at a primary activity. She was so excited to show her seed to her mom that she ran home from the activity, and of course tripped and spilled her seed all over the sidewalk. I hated this story because it always broke my heart. Something as stupid as planting a seed is so important to little children. 
So you can imagine my severe anxiety when Kennedy came walking out of preschool today with a seed in a cup. 
It made it to the car, to our house, and back home to my parents, but when she tried to put it in the window for some sun, tragedy struck 
We both may have cried. We did save the seed, even though the mess was pretty infuriating. Everybody is happy again and the seed is on the kitchen windowsill with maximum security. 

I went to young women's dodge ball and while I was gone, Brynlie took quite a spill. 
I told her to show me her eye 

I'm totally wiped today. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a little better. 

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