Quick Check In

Sunday's and Monday's are my hardest days to blog. Sunday's are usually pretty lazy and boring and there's not much to report. Monday's I'm too busy doing things that really aren't that exciting to care about anything else. In fact:
But a couple things happened that I wanna share. 

First, we bought the kids a trampoline for our new house and Cory put it up today. So of course we stopped by and surprised them. 

Other than obviously having tons of fun on it after we move in, we hoped it would help keep them distracted while we work on the house. But Kennedy keeps wanting us to launch her and Brynlie needs to warm up to it more I think. She kept crying and throwing herself down and wanting me to hold her hands. She got better when I just left her and Kennedy out there and watched from the window. 

But Cory and I love it! I will say trampolines are a whole different ball game after you've had kids... If you catch my drift... 

I asked Kennedy to take a picture of me doing a trick and this was the result. 
We need to work on her photography skills. And I need to work on my tricks, after I buy some diapers... 

Second, I got this genius idea from my friend Chantel at the gym...

But first, the back story:
I've been looking for a protein powder that tastes great just on its own. I like my chocolate kind and I LOVE my protein shake recipe, but some days I need more protein to hit my macros but don't have room for all the calories/carbs and my chocolate kind is gross on its own. I also want something that tastes good and doesn't cost a ton. I really, really want quality protein that isn't made with fillers, but I cannot justify spending that much money on just myself every month. Anyway, long story short, I was promised that the cookies and cream flavor at Costco was yummy, and it's 4 pounds and will last me forever for $45. I also love that it has BCAA's in it. So I'm starting there. Chantel told me to mix it with the Kodiak Power Cakes pancake mix, which we just happened to be having for dinner tonight. 

People, hear me! It was AMAZING!! It was like having Oreo cake for dinner. I ate them plain because they were too good to mess up with anything on top. I'm trying the powder on its own tomorrow. I'll have to keep you informed. I hope it's as good as the pancakes were. I need to hug Chantel the next time I see her and thank her for changing my pancake life.  

That's all I have for you today. I'm looking forward to a good week and hope you are, too! 

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