Park, Pasta, and My Plans

Happy April Fools! I keep getting on Facebook and seeing news articles and being shocked by them, and then I remember I've been duped. I do not miss teaching elementary school on April Fools. Maybe when my kids get older I'll start playing tricks on them and get more into the spirit. 

Today was a rest day, and the planets aligned and somehow, the girls actually SLEPT IN! What?! It was amazing. We took our time getting ready and then since the weather finally decided to be decent today, we went to check out a new park with our friends that everyone keeps raving about. We had tons of fun! 
This swing was pretty rad. 
Especially since both kids fit in it!

Without a doubt the biggest hit was the zip line! 

Brynlie was a little timid and I didn't want her sliding off so I opted to go with her. 
I won't lie, I was pretty worried about snapping the cable. You know, since Brynlie is so heavy... 

We finished the final Harry Potter movie today and Kennedy asked to watch them all again... I think we've seen them enough times now we've picked out all the mistakes and have pointed out funny expressions of extra characters that no one ever notices. I still love them though. Good movies. Maybe we will watch them again. 

I finally get to do a long run tomorrow! <--- I'm telling myself I "get" to do it in hopes of having a great run. 17 miles seems like an awful lot when it's been 3 weeks since my last long run. But, mind over matter. I'll get it done. 

My sister came up for the night and since I needed to dine on some carbs, we took a girls night to Olive Garden. 
Kennedy was pretty studious the whole time 
And Brynlie really, really wasn't. Towards the end I was letting her dip her grapes in the Alfredo sauce just to keep her calm. Maybe she discovered a new winning combo?

Dinner was delicious but did NOT fit my macros. However I did eat slow and didn't stuff myself. I left feeling full, but definitely not stuffed. That's progress for me. Yay! 

Ok, so what are my running plans? I've been asked this by friends a lot lately. They know I'm back to running a lot, but I'm not super vocal about what I'm training for. So allow me to share that with you. 

Along with continuing my gym/weight training stuff, this running season will consist of:

My first run of the season will be the Ogden Marathon on May 21st. 

June 11th - I am registered for the Drop13 Half Marathon. I am really excited for this one. Many runners from my running group are registered as well. It should be a party! 

July 25th - I am registered for the Deseret News Classic Half Marathon. I've done the 10k before and loved it, so I'm excited. This race ends on the Days of 47 parade route right before the parade which is tons of fun! 

August 27th - I am wanting to run the Run Elevated Half. I've never done this one before but it sounds pretty cool. Just waiting for more money to register for it. 

September 10th - As of today I am registered to run the Big Cottonwood Marathon. 
I was only planning on one marathon this year, but you can blame my sister for this one. She is running the half for her first half marathon and has been begging me to run the full because she thinks we will finish at about the same time. Hopefully that is true because I bit the bullet and registered. I'm pretty excited and slightly nervous. 

October 22 - The Haunted Half. Lacie, I'm looking at you! This one is for us! And totally just for fun! 

November 5 - Snow Canyon Half. This one is still up in the air. If we can afford to make it a weekend and take the kids I'll register and we will go, but we can't decide that until it gets a little closer. I'm dying to run it though. If not I want to do a Thanksgiving day Half. If I do end up running this one I'll just do a 10k on Thanksgiving. 

It's a pretty fun and lofty work load for the summer. It'll mean lots of early mornings and time spent with my greatest friends and I can't wait! Someday we will start to think about maybe considering the possibility of having another baby (no plans AT ALL right now) so I wanna get in all that I can before I get all fat and disabled again. 

Well, I need to go get all my stuff laid out for my run tomorrow. I sure hope I don't die. Eye of the tiger, baby! Catch ya on the flip side! 

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