Our Tuesday In Pictures

But first, can we talk about last nights game? Holy. Freaking. Crap!
If you missed it, I'm sure you've heard about it by now. But it was insane!! And such a terrible way to lose for North Carolina. I'm still reeling. 


Prepare for a lot of randomness in this post...

I ordered a new food scale last night. $12 on Amazon! 
I have one now, but it only measures in ounces and I was sick of doing the math to convert to grams. So for $12 I can put aside my math skills and let a machine think for me. God bless America. 

Nope, still not sick of it. 

Today was special. I finally got to use my Christmas present from Cory and get an hour long deep tissue massage. 
I don't have words for how amazing it was!! This girl had the strongest hands... My legs and upper back were the most tight; my legs from running and my back from all the pull-ups I did yesterday. Those parts hurt, but I left feeling like jello and it was heavenly. We have our couples massage next week. We both surprised each other with a massage for Christmas, which I found pretty funny, but I was more selfish and got the couples one to make sure I benefitted as well haha! 

While Brynlie napped I caught up on some YouTube videos while Kennedy watched Star Wars. Jaclyn Hill is one of my faves. She basically taught me how to do makeup. 

Kennedy handed me these to open that Daddy bought for her. These always sound so gross until I smell them. 
I only like one flavor though, so I made sure to pick a few of those out. 
After Brynlie woke up from her nap we spent hours at Lowes. Hours. But, it was a good thing. We got paint samples to test out on the front door, a handle for the front door, I think I picked my backsplash for the kitchen and also for around the fireplace
And then out of curiosity we asked about the doors I wanted...
And they just happened to have them on sale until tomorrow. So, we ordered all the doors for the house, including the closet doors, and saved almost $200 from what it would have cost us elsewhere. But apparently ordering doors isn't quick, so the girls got pretty restless. We tried taking pictures. When I took out the camera and said, "Say cheese", I got this from Kennedy
And this from B
Picture perfect. 

Finally I set them free from the cart and they took off together.

And because we waited so long and the kids were "so patient" (they weren't) they gave us a free t-shirt and hat, and the girls got some jr. builder monster truck car kits, which after dinner we promptly got to building. 
Kennedy thought the wheels were weights. She's my kinda girl. 
And Brynlie watched like a hawk, waiting for us to put down the hammer so she could steal it and beat stuff with it. 
Brynlie has actually been a royal pain in the butt lately. When things don't go her way she tries her hardest to hit/slap/kick/pull hair and injure the person who pissed her off. We obviously don't let her get away with it, but it's not getting any better. Anyone have any advice? It's getting a little out of control. Hopefully in time she will learn to stop but until then, I'm ready to pull HER hair out, as well as my own. 

I guess I'd better go and get some laundry folded. I hope your night is a little more fun than mine. 

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Amy said...

Yay you got the doors!! If you figure out what to do with B let me know, we're having the same problem.