Ouchie Long Run

A sure fire way to ruin your Saturday is having to set your alarm for 5:15 a.m. 

A sure fire remedy for having to get up that early; getting to run. 

My training plan said 19 miles. I decided if I was feeling good I would do 20. I ended at 19.5. There was a couple minutes of running where I realized my watch was still paused (I freaking HATE that) so I'm guessing it was about .2 miles added on to the total on the watch. 
It was a pretty chilly start
But it warmed up pretty quick. The second the sun came out I panicked because I forgot sunscreen. But amazingly I never burned. 

My friend Lisa ran the last 12 miles with me. She is really good at running hills so she helped pump me up since the last couple miles were uphill and it was eating my soul. I struggled! At that point in the route I've usually refilled my water bottles twice, and I had a tiny bit left of my initial fill up, so I was not properly hydrated. I'm going to go ahead and blame it on that. Next time I'll do some water drops and keep myself more hydrated. 

When we were done I took my mom to Ruth's Diner for brunch to thank her for watching my crazy kids. I did something out of the norm and instead of inhaling pancakes, biscuits, hashbrowns, carbs, carbs, carbs, I ordered an omelette with tons of veggies... And hashbrowns. Hashbrowns are my favorite! 
They sat us out on the patio and it was a bit nippy. 
But the food was divine, like always! The sweatpants I'm wearing are humongous. I bought them when I was pregnant with Brynlie and gigantic, but they're so comfy and long I still wear them, I just have to tie the drawstring super tight and cinch the waist. I refuse to let them go. True story. Also, say hello to my food baby. 
After brunch I finally got to have a shower and then crashed and took a brief nap. 

Then we hit up Arctic Circle with my great friend Leticia and her kids for some ice cream. Such a great group of people right here! Her kids are so nice to Kennedy and Brynlie. 
Currently we are tending Baby Allison and having a great time!
And Cory was the only one she would smile for. 
Until I came around. I can't help but feel like the favorite aunt when she does this to me. 
Allison is doing so, so well. With how many things could have been wrong with her, she's truly a miracle. So far there are no concerns with her which is amazing. She's such a sweet and even-tempered girl. I love cuddling with her. It almost makes me want another one. 
Tonight after everyone else goes to bed I plan on watching the Barkley Marathons documentary on Nerflix and eating more ice cream without having to share 80% of it. I've earned it, right? 

Peace out! 

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