New Shoe High and The Treehouse Museum

It's Friday!! That should mean happy things for those of you with weekends off! 

I started my morning with a cold and windy run. I'm getting pretty tired of the rainy weather here in Utah, but I have to admit, it sure is pretty. 
I took my new shoes out for a quick 5 mile run this morning. It's funny how you don't realize how bad your old shoes were until you lace up new ones and feel the difference. It was amazing! 
I started out pretty slow. I expected some lag and pains from having ran 20 miles only a day ago. But after I warmed up I got the new shoe high and somehow got tons of energy to push it hard the last 2.5 miles back. I was super happy about that best pace! I usually can't hit that on flat terrain for very long, so it was exciting to see, even though I really should have just taken it easy today. Oops. 
I came back and got cleaned up and we all had breakfast.
My mom made French toast and sausage; two things I totally hate. I knew that was coming though, so I brought along my yogurt and berries, and tried mixing straight protein powder with my almond/coconut blend milk. It was good! I have protein shake camping options now! 
But then I froze my freaking butt off!! I was cold from the run and had the cold breakfast, so the two just froze me inside and out. I finally snuggled up in my moms covers in her trailer bed for a while to warm back up. 
I wish I was as snuggled up as this little cutie. 
After everyone got ready, we headed to Ogden to the Treehouse Museum. Kennedy went there last year with her preschool class and was excited to go back. Cory, Brynlie, and I had never been. That place is incredible! They have so many fun things to do! I took a billion pictures so I grouped some together to avoid spraining your thumb scrolling through them all. I support thumb health. You're welcome. 

We worked up quite the appetite for lunch. Since we were close, we drove to Roy to try out the Burger Bar. I saw this place on a KSL news list of best places to eat in Utah, or something like that. I've been wanting to try it out but never had a reason to go to Roy until today. 
It was really good! The Big Ben burger was basically the size of my face. And their fries were amazing as well. You can trust my review on that because I am a major French fry snob. We all dined in the back of the truck and thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. 
I'm not doing so hot at hitting my macros these last two days... But sometimes a burger and fries is just called for. 

We went back to camp and did camping things, like:

Playing with worms
Climbing trees 
Going "hiking" (walking around the campground)
Playing in the dirt 
And having a campfire while being so dirty it makes you grumpy 
We had tin foil dinners and s'mores and then everyone decided to go to bed earlier than last night. I think we all wore ourselves out. 

We go back home tomorrow. Although I'm really excited for a hot shower, I'm always sad to leave the care-free life that is camping. I love it. See you tomorrow! 

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