Macro Check-In and Stuff I've Wrestled With Today

I packed up all my boots and brought out all my sandals and flip flops yesterday. And now it's pouring rain and going to snow. The weather hates me. Also, I'm basically magic. I predicted it would snow on this day last year. 

Ok, macro check in!

(Disclaimer: this will be pretty honest and detailed so if you're a guy who gets squeamish about lady-stuff, you may not want to read it)
I've been consistent with my numbers for the last 3 weeks and have had zero change. In fact I gained 2 lbs. That obviously really upset me. But there are some factors that might be contributing to that. 

1) Aunt flow is supposed to pay me a visit in the next few days. I always get super bloated and gain weight whenever she comes around. 

2) After talking with my trainer, my carbs, fats, proteins, and calories are right (as he prescribed them), but I'm apparently eating almost double the grams of sugar I should be having. This is bad. I need to tweak some things and see if I can bring that number down. 

3) My macros were calculated based on just my gym/boot camp workouts and not including my marathon training. Now that I'm burning literally thousands of calories every weekend, I'm sure I need more carbs and calories and to have things adjusted. After Aunt Flow goes back home, I'll be paying a visit to a health and fitness store near my home to get my weight, body fat percentage, etc. measured, and my macros readjusted to include all the work I'm putting in each week. Let's be honest, there is no reason, ever, to have any weight or measurement taken with Aunt Flow present. 

My game plan is to keep with my numbers, reduce my sugar grams, and keep working my butt off until I can visit the store next week, then check in from there. Trial and error. 

Speaking of Aunt Flow, my biggest problem with my period is fighting cravings and snacking more. I get so hungry and get pretty crazy cravings just before my period. Anyone else? It majorly sucks. 

I did some research today on how to combat that. I found some really stupid advice like, "resist sugary and starchy foods." Oh? Is that all I need to do? I didn't realize it was that easy! Let me put down the potato chips and text that to my other cranky, bloating friends... 

But I did find some useful tips. The most common thing I read was to drink tons and tons of water. First, it helps with water retention that we all experience, and secondly, it keeps your stomach full so you aren't as hungry and don't overeat as much. Seems pretty simple, right? One study I found suggests increasing your serotonin levels by doing this:
  I found it kind of interesting, and also a little weird. But mostly I'm kind of depressed that there wasn't more concrete research done to help women overcome this horribleness that happens to us. If you think I'm a big eater normally, don't come near me when I'm PMSing. You'll never look at me the same again. And I'll just never look at you unless you have a Twinkie in your hand.  

So, drink up, ladies! Apparently water is our only source of power when it comes to eating our feelings. 


A conversation with my Lacie yesterday has been running through my mind for the last 24 hours. We were talking about friendships. It got me thinking about my choices in friends over the course of my life. I've found some rock-solid, bonded-for-life, do-anything-for-each-other friends who I know I can count on at any given point. I've found some great friends who I've loved deeply but something ended up making us drift apart. I've found people I trusted and cared about, who were just using me. And I've found friends who were fun and great to be around, but when it came to really needing them, they just weren't there. Friendships are kind of funny things. I have a quote that says, "Friends are the family you choose." How true is that? It took me forever to realize that I get to choose who I want in my circle. While I believe in being kind to everyone, I've had some friends say extremely hurtful things, turn their backs on me, lie to me, move on to other friendship circles, turn competitive, etc. It always hurt me. A lot. I get really invested in the people I care about, so it deeply affects me. Sometimes, I think, in an unhealthy way. Does anyone else experience this?

I think for girls especially, we've all experienced the loss of a friend at one point or another. It's hard. I want you to know that when that happens, it's ok to still have love for them, but remember, you get to choose who is in your circle. You get to choose who has your back. Don't put your trust in the wrong people. Don't spend so much time mending fences that you forget to feed the cows that are already in the pasture. How's that for southern metaphors? Remember who is already there for you. It's quality, not quantity that matters.

Because I take things so personally, I always feel like I need to "fix" broken friendships. We had a history, there should be a way to make it right! But sometimes there just isn't. And one thing I have learned, especially since graduating high school, is anyone who doesn't reciprocate the energy you put into the relationship, isn't worth your time, with the exception of deeply depressed friends who are pushing everyone away, but really deep down, they need you. Those are the hardest friendships to maintain, but once you get through it, you're basically stuck together like super glue. I guess what I'm saying is, have the self-esteem to pick people who love you and treat you right, and don't put up with shady people. 

I'm so grateful for the friends who have stood by me. Even if we don't talk all that often, it's great to just pick back up where we left off and act as if time hasn't passed. I'm eternally grateful for those who have caught me when I've fallen, told me things I didn't want to hear because they knew it was best for me, the ones who talk me down from the ledge when life gets tough, the ones who always know how to make me laugh. I'm grateful for those who just get me. I can't express my gratitude for the friends who encourage me in my endeavors (im totally bawling right now...) and push me and congratulate and support me in what I like to do, instead of taking it as a threat to them. I'm grateful for the people I love enough to do all the above mentioned things for. Thanks for being there. Thanks for putting up with my mistakes and my craziness and my super loud, disgusting burps. Thanks for knowing not to be offended when I get too blunt. Thanks for pretending you didn't hear it when I swear. Thanks for just loving me, as I am. 

Ok, that was a super tender moment, but sometimes I get so emotional about the people in my life because I literally wouldn't be here today without them. So go find great friends and treat the ones you have with as much love as you can. 

Peace out! 

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Unknown said...

Preach it sister!! So beautifully said as always!! Love you to the end!