I Don't Know What To Call This Post

Can we just take a moment and reflect on how amazing this was?
I think like most people, Elder Holland is my absolute favorite. When he walked up to the pulpit I said, "Finally! I've been waiting 8 hours for this!" (He was the final speaker of the conference) And what a remarkable closing talk he gave. He had me teary-eyed at his first sentence. He speaks with such power and love; his every word is driven straight to the soul. Please look up his talk on lds.org and listen to it if you missed it! Even if you're not a member. It was incredible! 

We had a pretty lazy conference Sunday. The weather was insanely amazing though, so after dinner we decided at the last minute to go outside and have a fire. 
The girls loved throwing sticks in the fire and "helping" keep it going. And I loved sticking marshmallows in the fire and dining on perfection. 
It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. 

This morning I was up early to get in 5 recovery miles. Cory was off today so I was able to do them outside and see the gorgeous sunrise! They were followed by tons and tons of stretching. On the car rug. 
After a quick make-myself-less-stinky-so-I-can-put-on-more-workout-clothes-and-get-stinky-again-shower, the girls and I headed to the gym. There were a ton of squats in the workout and I almost died. It was an extra long board, too, so I ended up leaving 5 minutes early to get to work on time. I see some weird things in a high school parking lot. 
While we did our usual grocery shopping and clean the house stuff, Cory went to Home Depot and bought some stuff for the house. The most exciting part was our new front door! 
I cannot wait until it's installed! Our house is a dark red brick so I plan on painting the door a slate/Aqua/greenish color, like this:
Tomorrow I'm going to go pick out the hardware and the paint color. Hopefully we can start working on cosmetic things again and I'll have something to show you other than running crap. He also bought and started laying the sub floor and will go back for some drywall tomorrow. 

After Cory came home and we ate dinner, he spent some time playing Play Dough with the girls. They loved every second! 
I'm so in love with this man. 

Alright: I'm having a door dilemma. These are the interior doors I want. I love them and they match the front door perfectly. There's a closet door right next to the front door, so it kind of matters to me that they match. 
However, they're expensive. Like, more expensive than any other door pretty much, which is so unfair. Cory is pushing me on these, which I like, but not nearly as much 
But it would save us quite a bit of money to pick the bottom doors. What would you do? The smart side of me says to pick the cheaper doors. The other side says to go with what I really want or I'll regret it. Thoughts? I'm really torn! 

I was just informed it's the NCAA championship game tonight, which sounds like the perfect excuse for some popcorn, so I'm going to bow out a little early and catch up more tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great Monday! Let's make this week count! 


Amy said...

Get the doors you want. I'm of the opinion that when you're spending thousands of dollars it's not worth splitting hairs over a few hundred dollars difference. You'll have to look at them for the next xx amount of years and it'd suck to walk by them multiple times a day and say, "I wish I would have." I have one such place in my home...at least it's fixable. Don't hate me Cory!

Unknown said...

I'm with Amy. Considering we just spent an insane amount of money to make sure the basement room was perfect, it was worth it. It sucked. Bad. Having to pay for it was not fun. But now it's perfect and looks great. And I keep saying I'm happy we just did what we wanted.