Fun In The Sun

Utah people, can you freaking believe this weather? Other than the wind today it's been super fab! And if there is a positive of the wind (I can literally only think of one..) it's that it makes the air super clear. 

Yesterday we took full advantage and met my friend Lacie at the park. 

Fun fact; Liberty Park and Sugar House Park are NOT the same place. After a mix up that was 100% my fault, we finally met at the same park and the kids had a blast playing while we chatted and soaked up the warm weather. Lacie lives 45 minutes away from me and I hate it. So any day we get to see each other is a good day. 

Brynlie really struggled waking up from her nap yesterday. I can 100% relate, just about every freaking morning. 
It was fun cuddling with her though. We sat there for a good half hour. Yesterday I was feeling blessed and guilty that I have my amazing girls. They make me so happy, but I know there's many people who never get to experience being a mom and that breaks my heart. It had better be part of God's plan that every woman gets to bare a child in the next life, if they're robbed of that chance in this life. If any of you are reading this, my heart sincerely goes out to you. 

I felt like I had to document that I was the spitting image of the "house-wife" yesterday. Makeup, bun, apron, cooking dinner for my family... 
I've never done my hair in a sock bun before and I'm on the fence about it. What do you think? Yay or nay? 

I eventually had to take the bun out because I was getting a headache. And I got more cuddles, which was spectacular. 

Today started off super well! I didn't have trouble waking up, it wasn't raining like the forecast said it was supposed to, and the sunrise was brilliant! I risked crashing (or a distracted driving ticket) to snap this picture for you all. Feel special. 
Today was my 14 mile group run and I was so excited!

We had a huge turn out! It was so fun seeing people I met last year (remember Robert?) and meeting new people today. 
The run went super well. I ended up running alone most of the time, but I was more focused on a good pace than anything. 
I'm a super big nerd and LOVE analyzing all the data on my Garmin app. 

This watch was worth every penny. I'm planning on a full review soon. 

I've been testing out a new form of fuel the last couple weeks. 
It's a powder that you just mix with water and drink. You don't need GU or any other fuel. I have LOVED that I don't need to eat anything or carry bulky packs of gels and blocks. I also feel like when I take gels, I eat one, feel super revved up and pumped, run hard, get tired, take one, get revved up again, run hard, get tired, etc. I've felt like Tailwind keeps me constantly fueled and hydrated which is awesome. The only down side is after each run I've used it on, I've ended up with severe bloating and really bad upset stomach for the entire rest of the day. It feels like I'm going to have diarrhea at any moment but I don't. It's really uncomfortable. So I'm not sure it's worth it. I might just stick with GU, especially since I have two whole boxes of it. 

I came home and showered and then crashed. Like, crashed!!! I basically passed out on my parents couch for an hour while they argued and worked on installing their new dishwasher. It was needed though. I worked my butt off this morning. 

After naps, the dishwasher successfully being installed, and everyone was dressed and ready, we visited Petco to give Tommy (my dads guide dog) a bath and check out some animals. 
And then it was cheat meal time!!!

I've been craving the western burger ever since I tried it last week. And it was just as amazing this week. Except the fries were better today. 
Tonight I plan on foam rolling and re-watching episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix. Don't judge me. 

Have a good night! 

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