Final Long Run

This morning was my final long run before tapering. 20 freaking miles. 
I opted for a tougher route this morning. Except for about 2 miles, the whole thing was uphill or flat. I'm obviously not a fast runner, but that pace on 18 miles of hills feels pretty dang good. I also had an unexpected route change due to an obscene amount of mosquitos on a trail I was going to run, which lead to me getting lost, which lead to me having to finish on an uphill. It wasn't fun. I also got super hungry towards the end and the last two miles I got really sick and dizzy and shaky. BUT, I did it!! It's done! And I ran 20 miles almost 30 minutes faster than I did last year on an uphill route. That leaves me feeling more ready for Ogden but a little scared about how sick I got. Hopefully with food at the aid stations I'll be alright. 

It was also the final run with my first pair of Hoka's. I had to hit the "retire" button on my shoe tracking app. I felt like someone should be playing Taps on the trumpet as I put them away in a box; their final resting place. 
But when I pulled out the bright, amazing-smelling new ones, I was less sad. Out with the old, in with the new. 
Cory picked me up and I made him buy me a Betos breakfast burrito, that I played a disappearing act with. Now you see it, now it's gone. I gobbled that thing up in about 2 minutes. And it was absolute perfection!! 

A few hours later, my brother arrived!!! Kennedy was super excited and has been nothing but happiness and smiles since they got here. It's been much noisier and crazy with 6 kids in the house now, but we love having them over! 

I also got my hair done again tonight, a little more how I wanted it. My friend Jana did it this time. She did a fantastic job! The only problem is she had to bleach over some spots that were previously dark, which left some brassy looking blonde streaks, but I think by the next time it'll look perfect! 
It actually looks super yellow in this light... I promise it's not that bad. 

That's all I've got for you today. I'm pretty wiped out and I have to go pack to go camping tomorrow. But I'll be back with more stuff soon. 


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