Bad Yelp Review and The Weight Room

I have lots for you today. But before we jump into it all, I want to thank those of you who read my silly little blog. I personally feel inadequate every time I post something. I'm not an expert at anything. I know my blog isn't famous, as much as I would love it to be. I know there's probably people out there who say hurtful things about what I post. That's part of posting on the Internet and making myself vulnerable. Thankfully no one has said anything to my face, yet; but I know judgments are passed. 

I'm a human being like everyone else. I make mistakes. I do/say stupid things. I don't know everything. I don't think I'm perfect in the slightest. So I hope I never come across that way. For those who keep coming back for more, thanks for sticking with me and understanding that nothing about what happens on here is meant to be used as a bible. I'm just a girl who's trying to figure out parenting, keep my marriage happy, loves working out and running, and is trying to get through this messy thing called life. And I'm keeping an online journal about it that strangers can read. That's super normal, right? 

When I started this blog it didn't have a purpose except to keep a record. As my life has evolved I still want this blog to be a "journal" of my life, but the majority of it has been and will probably continue to be fitness related. It is my passion. I don't have a degree in anything fitness or nutrition or health. But I've started from the bottom, and through trial and error have figured things out for myself. I've experienced being overweight and trying to lose the fat. I've worked hard for what I want. I've changed my mind to believe that I can do anything. I've learned a lot about food and nutrition. I don't think I'm an amazing runner, or super strong, or even half as badass as I pretend I am, but sometimes it's just nice to know there's average people out there just like you and me who are doing great things within their own capabilities. That's my purpose. I want to share my journey, my experiences, my life, and maybe be able to help others along the way. So from now on, this blog will be mostly health and fitness related, mixed with random, super weird crap that you'd expect from someone like me. 

Ok... Let's get into the other stuff. 

For the first time in 2 weeks I was up and ready quick enough to make the kids a nice and healthy (and easy) breakfast. Brynlie threw hers all over the kitchen and cried, begging for fruit snacks, because how dare I give her actual fruit! I tried, right? 
Kennedy made sure to eat around the blueberries. I don't understand her. Some days she devours the whole box, the others she hates them. Kind of like me with Pop Tarts. 

Alright, today I remembered to take some gym pics. Since there's two separate parts of the gym I thought I would break it up. Today I will be sharing with you the weight room! *epic music* (if you don't care, skip this part)
We have a lot of equipment that you'd find at any other gym, just older models. 3-4 days a week I go to the gym about 40 minutes before the boot camp class and lift weights. I have my own personal lifting routine where I rotate between 
I super-set the muscle groups, which means I will do one set of weights that work my quads/shoulders/chest/bicep, with another set that works my calves/glutes/hamstrings/tricep. For example, on a chest/glutes day, I will do a set of bench presses, then barbell walking lunges, then go back to chest press, then walking lunges. I do 4 sets of each exercise, then move on. So then I'll do an incline chest press and then another glute exercise. I also work my abs every day that I have time. You'd think I would have rocking abs by doing that, but I don't. I have a nice 4-pack and then a super cute mom-pooch. There's also a whole wall of Dumbbells at our disposal. Smile, Steph! Haha she cracks me up! 
Today was a back day for me in the weight room. There's nothing to superset when doing the back. I did a bent over row and one arm row, which I forgot to get a picture of, this fun guy which I have no idea what it's called (seated row, maybe?)

Then I finished off with pull-ups. I've been going to this gym for 3 years and have been working on strict, dead-hang pull-ups since I started. I could do a few in a row about 2 months ago, and then stopped working on them every day because my shoulder was giving me trouble. Since then I've lost some strength. Time to get back to cranking them out every day! 
Just call me frog legs 
I always stop lifting when it's time for class. I'll touch base on the boot camp portion in another post. Today's was pretty freaking killer though. I was so sweaty I not only left a sweat angel on the floor, but the imprints of the words on my shirt. Kinda cool. And gross. 
We went to work for a while and then had to head home so I could start our dinner in the crockpot. I had a fun package on the doorstep waiting for me. One thing you might not know about me; I'm obsessed with makeup. You would never know since I rarely wear it, but it's so fun! I've had to reign in the purchases since we bought our fixer upper, but Sephora was having a VIB sale and Cory let me get some stuff. 
I've had my eye on that Kat Von D palette for a long time now. I also got the concealer because I needed to spend $10 more to get free shipping and everyone on YouTube says they love it. The face mask was a free sample. I tried the eyeshadow palette today and I'm already in love! Holy buttery, blendable, pigmented shadows! Way to go, Kat Von D! 

Speaking of face masks, I used one while I prepped our dinner to cook . Kennedy told me I looked scary. 
Then it was time for my favorite protein shake!! 
Normally I use a tablespoon of pure maple syrup instead of the pudding mix, but today I wanted to try that. I did not like it! The taste was fine, but I HATED how thick it made the shake. I had to force it down! So I'll go back to my trusty syrup since it has less carbs anyway. This shake is one I can't live without, but it's also a meal for me. It's definitely not low in calories, but it keeps me full for hours and tastes so great!! 
One chopped, frozen banana 
Tbsp cocoa powder
Tbsp pure maple syrup 
2 tbsp natural peanut butter (I LOVE Adams. The taste is unbeatable)
1 scoop chocolate protein powder (some days I do 1.5, depending on how much protein I need)
1/2-1 cup unsweetened almond milk 
The recipe is pretty common, but I think that's because it tastes so damn good. You can add ice, too, but sometimes I don't have room in the blender cup. 

Today was supposed to be our couples massage. I cannot overstate how excited I was! I got a new deadlift PR today and lost form on the last rep and slightly tweaked my back, so I was so excited to have someone work on it. 

I bought this groupon through Studio Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City. We drove the 20 minutes out there, and as we were parking a lady called us and told us the other therapist was running late. We said that was fine and we would wait inside. We went in, and the place was less than impressive. We filled out our forms and waited. And waited. Our appointment time came and went, and one of the therapists was just sitting at a desk 10 feet from us, not even acknowledging our presence. Then, at 3:15, I got a phone call from the same number that called me to tell me the other therapist was late. I looked up at the girl sitting at the desk confused, but she was still just sitting there not blinking, like the royal guard. I answered the phone and the same girl I talked to before said the other therapist couldn't make it until 4:30 and asked if we could reschedule. We were obviously pissed because we had gotten a babysitter, driven all the way out there, and were waiting 15 minutes before they cancelled on us. The girl at the desk still said nothing. I was shocked this was happening so I rescheduled and we walked out, pissed, and as we reached the door the girl at the desk finally said, "Sorry about this!" Um... What?! 
1) What kind of "professional establishment" cancels on their patients?
2) Why was some random girl calling me instead of the therapist sitting 10 feet away telling me all this?
3) Why didn't I pull out my biotch-claws and rip them a new one?? 
So we didn't get our massage. If they give us any trouble next week I'm going to throw a fit. And they're not getting a tip. And don't ever go to Studio Massage on 4500 S and 700 E. I also plan on writing a not-so-great review on Yelp. 

To drown our sorrows we went to RCWilley and found... Guess what? MASSAGE CHAIRS! 
They weren't as great as the real thing, but it helped. We also ordered our flooring for the living room, kitchen, and hallway. It's so gorgeous!! 
So after some fun retail therapy I left in a better mood. 

Speaking of the house, we're going to go up tonight and work on it after the kids are asleep. I'm excited to be able to help again. I'm so ready to live there! 

Peace out, until tomorrow! 

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