Another Random Wednesday Post

You know you're a fitness junkie when the top shelf of your pantry is reserved for your "stuff". 
Today was the typical kind of day, except I had major trouble getting out of bed. And I don't mean getting out of bed early, I mean at 7:30. Cory and I were up late working on the house again. Last night we demolished the old fireplace which wasn't an easy task. 
All work and late bedtime make Megan super tired. 

I finally pulled myself out of bed though and got ready to go to the gym. Since I have albino-like lashes, I always wear mascara to the gym so I don't scare people. This one is hands down my favorite. 
I have tried so many mascara's, both drugstore and high end. Hardly any high end mascara's are worth the price. This one is so affordable and makes my lashes super long and it's way black! I love it!! 

We went to the gym and there were probably 1,000 squats on the board today which towards the end, made me super nauseated. I guess that means it was a good one, right? 

As luck would have it, our trainer posted a promo video on YouTube today that shows a very small snippet of what we do at the gym. I'm in it, and to my major surprise, so are my cute little girls! Give it a watch, and I'll go into more detail soon, I promise! 

We got home and I had a fun package waiting for me. It's totally normal for a 31 year old to buy herself markers, right? 
As stupid as this sounds I've found coloring to be a good way to unwind when I get super stressed out. I bought an adult coloring book and needed to expand my color wheel. Thanks, Amazon! 

Today's protein shake is brought to you by Costco; because you can buy almost everything there. 
I threw this concoction together the other day and it turned out way good! I am loving the cookies and cream protein powder. 

Recipe: handful of ice, scoop of protein powder, 1/4 cup steel cut oats, 4 TBSP dry powdered peanut butter, 1 cup almond/coconut blend milk. Blend well (the oats don't blend super easily) and enjoy! Macros: calories-420, Fat-10, carbs-39, protein-42, sugar-2. 

You can make the same thing with regular oats, steel cut oats are just less processed and lower in calories. 

Lacie sent this to me today and I almost died laughing. 
Good news, we actually got our massage tonight. They tried to cancel on us again!! But I threw a fit this time and we got them to keep our time. The actual massage was meh... Not that great. But the little bit they did do was nice. 

I also didn't run today. I'm trying to listen to my body and give it an easier week this week. I'm going to try some miles tomorrow afternoon and see how it goes. 

Cory and I are catching up on Modern Family tonight. Hands down one of the funniest shows ever!! So I had better call it a night. 


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JoyLyn said...

My next question for you was going to be what mascara you would recommend, so thanks for the share! :)