Zoo Day and My Baby Is Growing Up

A good friend of mine invited us to the zoo today and of course we wouldn't pass the opportunity up! I fully expected it to be super windy and cold but the weather was perfect and oddly enough, zero wind! 

When we got there and we were unloading out of the car we heard the lions roaring loadly and it was so cool! 

First up we rode the train which my girls were super excited about. 

After the train we did the usual walking around seeing animals who are bored with their lives. The baby giraffe was pretty dang cute though. 
Check out that heel hook! We're taking them climbing for the first time in a couple weeks. I can't wait!! 
Oh, and rode the carousel 

Which turned someone's frown upside down. She is the cutest dang thing!!! 

After the zoo we had kindergarten roundup. It really started to hit me that she is growing up! It's crazy to me. Also, not my proudest photography moment. I'm so proud of the beautiful girl she is growing up to be. 

We also had a very interesting dinner. This is what you get when you need to carb load for a long run, you're craving garlic bread, and you need to use leftover chicken in the fridge before it goes bad. Kung pao chicken with Mac and cheese and garlic bread. I felt like I was at Chuck-A-Rama. 

Then we had family movie night. 

This movie was so, so good!! We laughed so hard, cried, and Brynlie literally sat and watched the entire movie. The. Whole. Movie. It's in my Amazon cart now so we can buy it. I loved it! 

Now Cory and I are watching Antman and foam rolling. Such a sexy Friday night. 


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