Window Day!

What a fun day!! 

Today was a rest day for me, so we woke up, took Kennedy to school, and went to work. We actually finished the whole parking lot today! That's kind of amazing, considering I write so many tickets it takes me over 2 hours and I usually don't finish. Then we picked up Kennedy and headed up to the house just in time to watch them put in the first window!! 
They are so pretty, you guys!! We had to raise the kitchen window up 10" (the open window on the right) so we can run a counter top under it, so that one will look a little funky until we patch everything with drywall, but they made such a difference to the house. I am in love!! We also tackled some yard work while the girls got to cruise in the backyard. Watching them drive around with ample room and privacy made my whole body go warm with the spirit that we definitely made the right choice. 

We went home after the first window so Brynlie could nap, but the second she woke up we went back up to the house to see the finished product. I left with a huge smile on my face. 

The Windows kind of consumed our whole day, so that's all I have to update on. I have a 15 mile run tomorrow so for dinner I loaded up on the essential carbs. 
We are all pretty tired so I predict overly long showers for Cory and I and early bedtimes for us all. 

Good day. :) 

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