Wicked Workout and Pizza!

Every single morning, at 7:30, right on the dot, Kennedy comes walking out of her room. Sometimes it annoys me (can't the girl ever sleep in?!), but usually if I'm ready for the day I love it because it means I get to spend some quality time with just her. We get about a half hour together to talk and cuddle.
We did our usual eat-breakfast-and-get-dressed-while-watching-Netlfix thing and then we were off to the gym. Today's workout was pretty killer, but it had a lot of my favorite exercises in it which made the pain fun. Who doesn't love throwing tires over their heads?
Then like usual, we were off to work and then rushed home to get Brynlie down for a nap. While my lunch settled in my stomach I started my online training everyone has to complete as a new-hire for my job. It was painfully boring, so be jealous.
Thankfully it was all online and at your leisure instead of a boring class I had to attend. I now know how to handle everything from sexual harassment to asbestos. Boom!

I took a break between videos to squeeze my run in. I got to go outside since Cory was awake and it was amazing to run in the sun and the 4 miles went super well! The 7:42 mile almost killed me.
 Cory is the absolute best. Just about every time I go running while he's home, I walk in the door to my mug full of ice water; it's exactly what I need! He takes such good care of me.
And I'm about to hit 200 miles on the shoes that changed my life! I love this app to keep track of how many miles are on my shoes so I know when to replace them. I think it's just called shoedometer.
Dinner tonight was homemade pizza and Kennedy was so excited to help me make it! Brynlie put a couple pieces of chicken on the pizza and then ate all the other ingredients. First we had to gather everything together, which meant slicing onions, which I HATE! But I've found a way around the burn. Laugh all you want, it's super effective.
 Then we put together our pizza's. We made a Hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza and a supreme with Canadian bacon instead of pepperoni or sausage.
 It was super tasty and enjoyed by all!

Tonight I get to stay up later so I have a date with a bowl of popcorn and rewatching episodes of Gossip Girl.

Peace Out!

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