What The Crap, Utah?!

Forgive the no-post yesterday. We did nothing but pack, drive, unpack, and do laundry; minus a mild fight over the fact that we totally forgot Easter baskets and a brief but yummy dinner with the Hunter's. 

So yeah, we win crappiest parents-of-the-year for forgetting Easter. But the Easter bunny came this morning to make up for it, and we talked about the real meaning of Easter last night before bed. So hopefully we slightly redeemed ourselves. 

I was planning on a 17 mile run this morning, but then I woke up and saw the weather was being a total douche. 
What the crap, Utah?! STOP SNOWING!!! "I love Utah spring weather!" - said no one ever. 

Anyway, I had to adjust my plans yet again. After 10 days of nothing, I'm getting pretty nervous I've messed up my training, but I'm sure I'll be fine. Instead I hit the gym and saw everyone I've been missing during my time away. The kids were so excited to go back! It was pretty rough though. I feel like coming back from illness AND vacation was a double whammy and I barely made it through. 

Then we did our grocery shopping and meal prepping:
And I worked like a mad woman while Brynlie slept doing more laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, more meal prepping, and I thought about doing the dishes, so that kind of counts. Then I had a date with the treadmill. 
5 easy miles at 9:02 average. I usually like to end my easier runs with a mile or two at faster speeds. That's probably bad, but it gets the treadmill over with faster. I also prefer running in the wee hours when the kids aren't awake to try and throw things on the belt while I'm running, and I can open a window or something to cool down. It gets SO HOT! So today I didn't have that luxury and I was a giant ball of sweat. And one Easter egg lost its life because I let my guard down and didn't see it fly down the belt in time. Oh, children... 

It's been good to get back to the routine. Although staying in my macros was a little harder today after not counting for a week. But I'm all prepped now with meals and snacks to eat right and fuel my body properly. Let's do this!! 

We are currently having yet another Harry Potter movie marathon, per request of Kennedy, and I'm cuddled in the most insanely soft and cozy blanket I have ever felt, that I 100% impulse bought at Costco today. I was FREEZING and it just felt right. And it was only $9. 
That's all I've got for you today. Tomorrow will be less busy and hopefully a little more exciting. For now I'm cuddling my girls. Catch y'all later! 

Honorable mention:
He was trying to make the girls laugh. He's kind of the best dad ever. 

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