Typical Sunday

Today was the usual Sunday of going to church and hanging out with my cute family. 

I just wanted to post really quick and mention how absolutely happy I am in my life right now. Things aren't perfect and there's stress and uncertainty ahead for sure. But I have a wonderful man by my side who treats me so kindly I never feel I deserve it. He supports me and loves me and always puts us first. Always. I have two adorable, spunky, and hilarious little girls who give me so much happiness every day and teach me so much about myself. They are my world; my reason for living and breathing. I have generous parents who are willing to put up with us while we go on the crazy home-reno journey. We have amazing families who always step up to help out. I have some friends who are so wonderful and kind, I don't even have the right words to describe them because nothing seems adequate. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, things to enjoy, a healthy body, and so many more blessings. But most of all I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father and his unconditional love for me. I have definitely had times in my life where I've felt unworthy of his love, and Satan even convinced me it wasn't there. But the reality was, he has never stopped loving me and never will and with him at the helm, I know I can make it through anything. Life is such a crazy journey, but it truly is amazing. 

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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