Super Saturday

Whoa. What a day! Now that I've officially sat down and stopped moving I'm pretty sure I might die of exhaustion.  If this blog randomly cuts off, please send the authorities. 

Cory and I were up bright and early because the amazing man agreed to drive me to the start of my long run so we wouldn't have to go back and pick up my car. He truly is the best! 

The run was kind of freaking amazing. I was on a time crunch because we had a baptism to get to, which ended up being a good thing because it really made me push the pace. And somehow, I felt incredible! I wanted to make it 16 miles... Cory came to pick me up at 15.6. I almost made it! Haha. See if you can guess where the hills were on the splits. 
I ran around downtown Salt Lake City which was tons of fun running past historical landmarks and buildings. I think I'll have to do that route again. 

After Cory picked me up I had 45 minutes to shower, get ready, get the girls dressed and ready, eat something, and head out to my cousins daughters baptism in South Jordan. We made it! It was kind of a Saturday miracle. 
Baptisms are amazing. It's so fun to see the excitement of the child being baptized and to feel the spirit. It also helped set a good example for Kennedy. Brynlie just looked at the baptismal font wondering why the heck there was a bathtub in the church, but Kennedy seemed to understand more. She even prayed that when she's 8 she wants to get baptized. It was so sweet. We had a yummy lunch at their beautiful home afterwards and got to see some family. 

We changed our clothes at their house and then headed to the Home and Garden Festival at the South Towne Expo Center. It took us 30 minutes with traffic to go 2 exits on I-15 and then another 30 minutes to find a parking spot. We got there the same time a Real Salt Lake game was starting and it was complete madness!! But it was worth the wait because as we were walking in a lady offered us two free admission tickets. SCORE! It was super cool. 

The expo was meh. We found some people we want to come give us estimates for a kitchen when we're ready and possibly a new garage door. And we chatted with the guy who sold us our new Windows. 

After all that we were famished and decided to head to dinner. We made the trip to Farmington to dine like kings
There was a small wait so Cory took Brynlie outside to get out some pent up frustration, which she took out on this poor goose. 
And then it was finally time to feast on the cheat meal!!
Their ketchup-face game has increased dramatically since the last time I was there. 
Super impressive!
I put away the entire burger, sweet potato fries, and an Oreo shake. I was starving! 

Afterward we finally made it home for the night, got the kids to bed, turned on the Utah game, and now I get to snuggle with this cutie. 
It sure was a crazy, tiring day, but it was filled with great things. I'm so grateful for the life I have. There's so much to be thankful for. I hope everyone else had a great Saturday! 

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