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How to tell if we have sick people in the house:
I'm pretty sure Brynlie and I (she's sick too) will be seeing the doctor in the next day or two. This cough and cold is kicking my white, round butt. I kind of don't have time for this. So go away, mkay? 

So here's some exciting news! 

I am obsessed with the website 6pm.com. If you haven't checked it out you really need to. I get most of my workout clothes off there. I'm talking Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, New Balance, The North Face, Brooks, Asics... For steep discounts. They have all kinds of things from clothes (not just workout clothes but I generally don't wear anything else except pj's) to shoes, bags, accessories, etc. I recently got some new sunglasses for $16 off there since I lost mine at the zoo. I was sad. 

Anyway, I was browsing for fun last night to try and keep myself from slipping into a coma when I came across my EXACT running shoes for HALF the price!!!! Normally they're $130 and I was kind of dreading needing new ones in a month or two because that's a lot of money, and then I saw that and freaked. I told Cory and he told me to get them. $65, people!!!! 

I'm feeling pretty lucky right now because the price increased today to $90, so I totally scored. I won't need them right away but they'll be there when I do. 

Fast forward through our afternoon naps and laying around the house coughing and blowing noses...

We celebrated our Easter today with my family since most of us will be gone next week. My mom made a yummy dinner and then we had an Easter egg hunt! 
Which they were just a tad bit excited about... 
One last good-sportsman-like-conduct-hug before we set them loose. 
And then the rest is pretty much self-explanatory and we took way too many pictures. Please play the song Chariots of Fire in your head while you scroll through these. It makes it much more fun. 

Aaaaannnnnddddd end scene
They had tons of fun and now they're hiding eggs all over the basement to do it again. 

Here's to hoping I feel a little better tomorrow. I'm so over this cold. 

Honorable mention: My dads dog threw up during the Easter egg hunt but don't worry, he cleaned up after himself. 

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