So Sore and New Recipes

My alarm went off to run at 5:30 this morning but I just wasn't having it. The nice thing about having my own treadmill is I can basically run whenever, I just have to decide if the inconveniences of waiting until later outweigh the luxury of sleeping in. Today they didn't, and I promptly fell back asleep for another hour and a half. 

It also didn't help that my legs are so sore!!! That's one thing I hate about coming back to the gym after a hiatus. It kind of hurts to walk. And crouch. And sit on the toilet. 

In an effort to help rebuild my muscles, I tried a new protein pancake recipe this morning; brownie batter flavor. 
Mine kind of look like a baby pooped all over them. I also over cooked them so they were really dry (so don't do that), but the flavor was great! You can find the recipe here:
Watch the video on how consistent to make the batter. It's really helpful. Our waffle maker is in storage so I just made pancakes. That is not, in fact, baby poo on top, it's PB2 (powdered peanut butter). And it was good. But maybe next time I'll try the baby poo. 

Cory and I got the kids up and then the girls and I headed to the gym. I tried a new lifting routine before class today and was super sweaty before class even started. Somehow I managed to do 20 minutes of that and 45 minutes of class. I also feel like I crushed it, so it was a good day, even with super sore legs. Much better than yesterday. 

We came home and continued our Harry Potter marathon, which Kennedy insisted we watch from "our new camping chair for our family", as she calls it. We'll have to work on shortening the name. 
I've wanted one of these chair/couch/thingys since I was in my teens and a church leader brought one to youth conference one year. I thought it was the coolest thing. I finally ordered one 17 years later (I needed some time to think about it) and it was literally delivered 20 minutes after we left for Moab, so it hasn't been broken in yet. But in no time I'm sure it'll be dirty, smell like campfire, and have holes burned in the seat from popping embers flying from the fire. 

Finally Brynlie had her nap which meant it was time for me to hit the dreadmill. 
Today's run was ROUGH! My legs had almost nothing to give. I originally wanted to do some speed work but it quickly became evident that wasn't happening. So I kept it a bit slower and did 8 miles at marathon pace. I was feeling discouraged that it was a hard run, but everyone has bad days, plus I'm sore and coming back from a break, so I didn't beat myself up about it. It was hard, but I got it done. 

Also, I usually don't run on days that have that high of mileage and go to the gym. I think it's bad for my body and I don't want to overtrain and get injured or burned out. But it's spring break this week and since I'm a loser, we had nothing else to do. So I broke my rule this week. It was hard. 

After I finally showered and Brynlie woke up, Christmas came early for me. I am so freaking excited for this!! 
I've wanted one for quite a while now and have been saving and today was the day I got to spoil myself. I kept clapping and screaming in the car on the way home and Kennedy kept asking what was wrong with me... I can't wait to try it out! It's currently charging and taking f o r e v e r. My patience has been tested today. 

Random note, I did the dishes!! So I get a huge pat on the back for that as well. Or maybe a Reese's Peanut Butter egg. 

For dinner we tried a new healthier enchilada recipe that I saw on the myfitnesspal blog. All the ingredients sounded awesome so I gave it a whirl. The only crappy part was it called for corn tortillas. Those stupid things are my nemesis!! Does anyone have any tips on how to use them without them crumbling and falling apart?! I heated them up in a damp paper towel like the instructions said they still were a disaster. I finally threw them away and just used leftover low-carb tortillas. They were really good! I think I trust Mexican food more than Cory sometimes. I'll post the recipe tomorrow. 

I'm working on a pretty important blog topic for tomorrow for ya. It's something I've been thinking about for a while and decided now is the time. So stay tuned for that. Hopefully it'll turn out the way I'm imagining. 

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