My Family Kind of Rocks

Today was a fun day. Cory just got off a whole week of working straight nights this morning. When he's on nights, I'm a single mom, so it was a long week. 

I woke up and showered early enough that I was hoping to have some time alone this morning before the girls got up... No such luck. Of course, they woke up super early. But I still enjoyed my breakfast that I eat just about every single morning: Greek yogurt and fresh berries. It never gets old. 
Costco didn't have raspberries for sale this week and I was pretty unhappy about it, but I'm learning to be more flexible so I settled with the overpriced Smith's brand. They don't compare, but they'll do. 

All three of us girls were in a major funk this morning. I was grumpy, Brynlie was grumpy, and Kennedy was grumpy. I wish I knew how early they woke up exactly, but my guess is it was before 7. I attempted the gym but just wasn't feeling it and opted for running a few miles around the building instead of finishing class. I've been having an off week where I've just been pretty darn tired. I've made it through all the workouts/runs I've planned for the week so far, but I'm taking it easy because I have a long run on Friday that I kind of want to slay. I'm ready to break the funk! 

After the gym we went to work and wrote many, many parking tickets, then literally sped home so I could shower in about 2.5 minutes and get ready to head to lunch with the Hunter girls! And Cory, who just really wanted to come. 
Since Cory's sister is a manager at Chili's we all get to eat for free when we are with her (we leave a very generous tip, though) and we take full advantage and stuff our faces! It's wonderful. I haven't been that sickly full in a while. 
Kennedy took out some aggression on her toothpick. 
After lunch we went up to Fruit Heights to see Cory's brothers house. The yard is enormous, and complete with a super creepy scarecrow in the backyard. 
Brynlie finally tanked on the drive home which means I got to cuddle with her when we got inside the house. I ended up falling asleep, too. It was nice. It's crazy she used to fit inside my stomach; a stomach that was super pregnant with a food-baby. I'm telling ya, I was FULL!! 
We decided we didn't want to make dinner and since we were still so stuffed we opted for ice cream and watching the sunset from our new house. I cannot wait to move in. It'll be a while still, but I just know we are going to make so many memories there. 

We closed the evening with some rough housing and then foam rolling. 
Tomorrow is new window day! I feel like a kid in a candy store! Hopefully they're able to do them all in one day. We shall see. 

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